In july 2020 Andrew Wakefield released ‘1986 : The Act’,  his  new documentary on vaccine. Down below is an excerpt from the documentary. 

Video above trailer for 1986: The Act.


Rolf Hazlehurst son Yates Hazlehurst had a severe adverse reaction six months after the DTP vaccination, his entire body trembled. Yates had an ear infection and he got penicllin and the doctor said that he should get his vaccination. After that shot Yates progressed into autism.

Barbara Lou Fisher is author of the book ‘A shot in the dark and’ is also head of NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center).  In the 80’s Fishers  son suffered a convulsion collapse shock and went unconsious  within hours of his DTP-shot at 2,5 years old.  Her son got a brain damage and were eventually diagnosed with several  diagnosis and he had to be put in a special education class for 12 years.   Fisher saw the documentary ‘DTP- Vaccine Roulette’  and the documentary showed descriptions of reactions from DTP that exactly matched the symptoms that her son suffered that day. Fisher and other parents cofounded NVIC – National Vaccination Information Center. Fisher investigated the Pertussis vaccine and Fisher couldn’t imagine that a government allowed a vaccine that obviously can cause brain damage. Fisher says that doctors have been talking in medical journals for many years about the fact that pertussis vaccine can cause brain damage and death but the doctors have never bothered to tell the public about it. 

1986 the act_barabara lou fisher_nvic
Barbara Lou Fisher, founder of NVIC – National Vaccine Information Center. Fisher’s son got a brain damage because of a DTP-vaccination. 


In the 1950’s Bernice Eddy at the NIH (National Institute of Health) tested the suggested poliovaccine on monkeys. She found out that becuase of the  sloppy methods it resulted in virulent viral particles in the shots to the monkeys and the monkeys became paralysed. Her superiors ignored her alarm. Over 200 000 kids were given a defected  polio vaccine. About 40 000 of them contracted polio, 200 were paralyzed and 10 died. 

Author Patrick Tierney says that it was a manmade polio epidemic and that vaccinated children can spread polio. 113 were paralyzed and 5 died when in contact with  the poliovaccinated children.  This caused panic within CDC and NIH and they halted all polio vaccines. But they also lied because they had discovered that two other manufactures  had live polio virus in their vaccines. It was decided on a high level that the fact that other manufacures had live polio virus in their vaccines should not be revealed to the public because otherwise the Americans could lose faith in vaccines.

A CIA document from 1954 showed that CIA had decided that vaccineprograms could be a way to enhence American influende throughout the world and also to keep up American bioweapons. Up to this date over 4 billion dollars has been paid by the U.S. governemnt for vaccine damages. Anne Elisabeth Gottsdanker VS Cutter Laboratories. Cutters authorneys argued that injured children should not be compensated because” liabilites would stifle vaccine innovation”. Bernice Eddy discovered in the 60’s that all the polico vaccines were contaminated with simian viruses. One dangerous virus was SV40 which developed tumours in lab rats. Between 1955 to 1963 over 98 million americans were administered polio vaccines with this cancercausing virus. 


In 1976 the CDC recommended a vaccination program targeting 95% av the U.S. population for combating the Svine flu. The vaccine was called X53-a. X53-a was never field tested and was rushed to the market. The insurance companies refused to take any liabilitis of any potential side effects of X53-a. Big Pharma suggested that the U.S. government should take the liabilities of any side effects of the vaccine and congress approved that in 1976. President Ford signed the Svine Flu Act into law. Later it was found out that there was no Svine flu epidemic. The virus had nothing to do with the 1918 svine flu virus. Only a few months after people had gotten vaccinated with X53-a dozens of people had died shortly after the vaccination. Many were disabled by a paralyzing disease (Guillian-Barré Syndrome). Dr. Michael Hattwick on CDC told his superiors that there had been neurological disorders which were associated with X53-a. Director of CDC, David Sencer, denied that somebody had reported that. In december 1976 the Svine Flu program was terminated. There were 582 cases of paralyzes and 58 deaths. 


Video above: Andrew Wakefield is interviewed by Brian Rose (London Real) regarding the documentary 1986: The Act. 

To see the full documentary you can rent the movie here

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