An Introduction to Universal Community Trust

by The Bernician

An Introduction to Universal Community Trust

An Introduction to Universal Community Trust

Here lies an introduction to Universal Community Trust [UCT], an equitable realm for all indigenous peoples, within which the unalienable birthrights of the individual are protected from the tyranny of the collective.


In simple terms, UCT has established a government-free jurisdiction, under the guiding principles of Natural Law, which has formed the basis of Common Law throughout history.

Treaty of Universal Community Trust

This autonomous jurisdiction was established via the ratification of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust on 21/06/2012, by twenty five newly formed autonomous and sovereign micro-nations [aka Sovereign Community Trusts or Anarcho-Nations].

The treaty was served upon the monarch, the UK Government and the Treaty Office without any legal objections being raised and a Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Government and UCT was established, under International Law.

Within the terms of the treaty, UCT laid out 12 aims and objectives, for the purposes of ending government crimes of all natures and descriptions.

The treaty also established the independence, autonomy and sovereignty of the twenty five micro-nations which ratified it.

Infrastructure, Finance & Land

Over the course of the last eight years, UCT has planned, designed and built an infrastructure for a new way of living, entirely outside of all debt-based and usurious financial control grids.

For the purposes of which, a new revolutionary financial payment network is being launched very soon, under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust, using debt-free and decentralised cryptocurrencies.

Significant sums of those new debt-free currencies have already been raised by UCT trustees, who will soon begin acquiring land for their sovereign micro-nations, where the prototype UCT communities will be founded.

Every business that has been closed down because of COVID-1984 diktats will be able to reopen and thrive again, under the protective jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust, using the UCT financial payments system and debt-free currency, without taxation, regulation or interference.

COVID-1984 Response

On 22/08/2020, in a direct response to the tyranny of COVID-1984, many of the UCT trustees executed Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights, for the purposes of restoring the Common Law [Natural Justice in action], under the protection of the UCT Treaty.

This action was taken after a Grand Jury declared that the execution of MC2020 was sufficient to restore the Common Law in the British Isles and it will be held to be the law of the land in all UCT communities.

Looking For Advanced Civilisation Builders

UCT are currently looking for like-minded people to help us build a new advanced civilisation, on the rubble of the empire of ill-gotten gains, both to populate our existing micro-nations and to found new ones.

As Buckminster Fuller so wisely stated fifty years ago, a tyrannical system is almost never overthrown with force – it is overcome by building a better system that peacefully renders it obsolete.

That, in its very essence, is the reason we founded UCT and if that is the kind of radical change you want to help bring about in this world, it’s time to join our number.

A good place to start is by clicking on the link below, where you will find all the information you need.

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