Deadly bringer of hope

A Swiss nursing home resident was vaccinated against Corona despite vaccine intolerance and died. Around the world, the media are covering up this connection.

by Christoph Pfluger

The first death immediately after vaccination with Pfizer/Biontech’s
vaccine in Switzerland raises safety questions that could not be
resolved during accelerated testing. Swissmedic plans to set up a
reporting system for patients to identify “safety signals” early.
Of all places, the first serious incident occurs in the canton of Lucerne, whose health director Guido Graf (CVP) wanted to be the first to start Corona vaccinations. On Christmas Eve, vaccination of all dementia residents in a residential group (with one exception) was started in a
nursing home in a Lucerne agglomeration municipality.
The responsible home physician was not contacted by the vaccination team, otherwise they would have learned that one of the residents had reacted negatively to an earlier influenza vaccination and therefore further vaccinations were therefore not to be undertaken.

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