Time For An Exodus From Authoritarian Big Tech Platforms

by The Bernician

Time For An Exodus From Authoritarian Big Tech Platforms

Time For An Exodus From Authoritarian Big Tech Platforms

As most of you already know, my posts have been heavily censored by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since the dawn of COVID-1984. Largely by good fortune, I managed to survive on those Big Tech platforms for long enough to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with my politically incorrect, radically dissident and anarcho-nationalist content.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/time-for-an-exodus-from-authoritarian-big-tech-platforms/

However, over the course of the past few months it has become increasingly obvious that those very same Big-Tech platforms are complicit in the systematic suppression of evidence, that is subject to criminal proceedings for fraud, mass murder and treason, right across the world.

Moreover, given the level of censorship every alternative voice is now being subjected to at the arbitrary whims of the virtual Stasi, it simply doesn’t make any sense to allow our adversaries to control the flow of information, which is always the most valuable commodity during treacherous times such as these.

Blatant Censorship

Nevertheless, having just been suspended for 7 days by Twitter, for simply posting my interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny [just after YouTube deleted the second interview I gave to already heavily censored Mark Devlin about the PCP, as well as the video version of Magna Carta 2020], it’s more than clear that my content will not survive the in-coming cultural purge by Big Tech.

Furthermore, it also appears that my ability to post on Facebook has already been severely hampered by an all-pervading shadow ban. This is preventing almost almost 25,000 friends and followers from seeing my content, unless they go looking for it.

However, even if people do find it, my Facebook posts now very often get falsely branded as false or partially false, by the Gates-funded fact-checkers. Some of my blog posts have also been removed from every mainstream search engine to stop them going viral.  

Occupational Hazard

In addition, this follows many months of heavy Denial of Service Attacks [DDOS], during which my blog gets hit by more than six million government bots an hour; triggered every time I make a post.

It is therefore an unfortunate occupational hazard that, occasionally, my blog is offline or unobtainable, as a direct result of those attacks. In which case, my posts are sent by email to everybody who is signed up to my mailing list.

[If you do subscribe to the blog’s mailing list, make sure that you confirm your subscription, by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you receive after subscribing. Otherwise, you will be automatically unsubscribed.]

I am also happy to report that my site is best experienced using the private, free and secure Brave browser, as I am doing currently.

Renewable Connections

Despite the very real and encroaching problem of aggressive Big Tech censorship, it is somewhat reassuring to know that our many thousands of connections are instantly renewable, on alternative platforms which don’t curate content according to religious, political or corporatist agendas.

Namely, MeWe, Gab, Minds, Bitchute and LBRY, where I now have active accounts, along with a growing band of a lot less than merry dissidents, are proving to be much better alternative platforms for free speech.

Since I am now starting to focus my output on those platforms, rather than posting my content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to make sure we all stay connected, please follow and subscribe at the various links below, where my work will be published without censorship:

https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1UoAaucJAxCX/ [Still uploading YouTube content.]
https://lbry.tv/@thebernician:7 [All content copied from YouTube.]

PCP Critical Mass

Renewing our connections is especially important now, given that we are aiming to lay the next set of charges against Hancock et al within the next week, if not sooner.

How quickly we are able to achieve that depends upon how long it takes to collect all the affidavits we are seeking from a plethora of eye and expert witnesses.

Nevertheless, within just a matter of days, we are due to reach critical mass in our case against the UK government, when we make public the shocking new evidence we have amassed.

This damning testimony will show that the defendants have knowingly committed pandemic fraud, in pursuit of maximising WHO-approved vaccine uptake, both for material gain and to murderous ends.

Lest We Forget

Watch this space, along with my pages on MeWe, Gab, Minds, Bitchute and LBRY, for the very latest news, posts and updates. I very much look forward to seeing you all on any or all of those Alt Tech platforms.

In the meantime, may the exodus from Authoritarian Big Tech be as devastating for its bloated platforms as it was for My Space, when the jackboot was on the other foot.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/time-for-an-exodus-from-authoritarian-big-tech-platforms/

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