PCP Set To Proceed Against Architects of COVID-1984 Scamdemic

PCP Set To Proceed Against Architects of COVID-1984 Scamdemic

PCP Set To Proceed Against Architects of COVID-1984 Scamdemic

We are now in the final stages of preparing to lay the papers in the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against the architects of a genocidal pandemic fraud, that has all but destroyed this country and the world we once knew and loved.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/pcp-set-to-proceed-against-architects-of-covid-1984-scamdemic/

However, the prima facie evidence we have amassed is so compelling and substantive, it is simply inconceivable that any British jury would not convict the defendants of the multiple murderous frauds alleged.

Without a hint of hyperbole or wishful thinking, the evidence we will soon be filing into the criminal court is so emphatic that it has the potential to expose the complex deceptions perpetrated worldwide, within a single viral social media post.

Distortion & Spin

Our adversaries are now so concerned that the masses are waking up to the lethal nature of ‘vaccine adverse events’ that they are even pretending a sadly deceased centenarian didn’t have the COVID jab, shortly before he died of the symptoms it is known to cause or exacerbate [pneumonia].

Despite the fact that Sky News covered his first dose of the COVID vaxx being administered, a few days before he passed on, the rest of the mainstream media are shamelessly asking why that didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, otherwise healthy people are dropping down dead at the rate my friend, the prolific Scouse polymath, Mark Oakford and I predicted a few weeks ago; others are suffering paralysis and a whole host of newly acquired lifelong or fatal conditions.

Common Denominator

Most crucially, the only common denominator between them all is that they had mRNA spiked flu and/or COVID jabs, shortly before the onset of the often fatal adverse events.

In addition, there is also circumstantial evidence which suggests the current batch of shots could be killing as many as two thirds of the over-65’s, as the endless stream of post-vaxx deaths in care homes around the world horrifyingly affirms.

It is therefore way past time the People demand that immediate action must be taken to lift the unlawful suspension of autopsies.

Lift The Suspension of Autopsies

I therefore beseech every Briton who reads this post to demand, from the bottom of your heart, shouting it from the rooftops, that autopsies must be performed on everybody who allegedly dies of COVID-19 from henceforth.

In the event there is one courageous and honourable high court judge left in this country, who happens across this post, in the names of justice, freedom and right, you must declare an order of the court’s own motion to that effect, at your earliest opportunity.

Should such a high court declaration be made, independent autopsies would determine the actual causes of death, rather than merely assuming COVID-19 was the cause, without examining the dead bodies.

The Offending Act

The only legislative measure preventing this is the comprehensively unlawful and definitively void Coronavirus Act 2020, which effectively suspended autopsies indefinitely, even when people die in suspicious circumstances.

Nevertheless, a fearless judge would be able to rely upon Lord Sumption’s scholarly testimony of the constitutionally unlawful nature of the tyrannous 2020 Act, in setting aside its suspension of autopsies.

On the ground that the families of the departed are legally entitled to know with finality whether ‘vaccines’ caused or contributed to the deaths of their loved ones, rather than COVID-19, as alleged by the defendants to the PCP.

PCP Papers About To Be Laid

However, the judge would also be able to rely upon the evidence we will be filing in the PCP, which will take place, all being well, within the next few days.

As would any brave and brilliant QC, with the connections required to guide an application for such a declaration through the high court, without delay or obstruction.

However, given that, for a judge or a QC to put their arse on the line, they also need to accept that will mean risking their careers, as well as their safety, which few if any are likely to do, the evidence will also be made available to experienced professional and lay litigants, who fully comprehend the nature of the crimes committed and the common law remedy available.

Non-Violent Direct Action

Having said that, we really don’t have any time to waste debating the issues, the law or the remedy at hand because people are dying at the end of a needle every day.

If enough of us don’t take non-violent direct action, right here, right now, there will be no way out of lockdown for anybody, without agreeing to play Russian Roulette with the flu and COVID jabs, which many of us would never consent to, under any circumstances whatsoever.

Therefore, here is an extraordinary proposal for nationwide non-violent totalitarian non-compliance, under the protection of Magna Carta 2020 and the Treaty of Universal Community Trust:

That every ‘authorised person’ refuses to administer any ‘vaccines’ or PCR tests for at least 90 days, in order to determine why it is that mathematical evidence shows such striking correlations between recorded ‘COVID’ deaths, cases and the UK Government’s national vaccination programme.

Demand For Autopsies

For the purposes of which, the People’s Union of Britain will serve notice on the UK Government Cabinet Office, demanding that the suspension of autopsies be lifted and that all lockdown regulations are suspended with immediate effect, pending the gathering of evidence during the proposed 90 day Vaxx and PCR Strike, the outcome of which we intend to rely on as incontrovertible prima facie evidence in the PCP.

The PUB has already set aside £10 million worth of cryptocurrency, to offer financial assistance to any NHS employees who lose their jobs and fall on hard times, as a result of refusing to administer criminal government policy. More funds can be raised, as and when required, which would naturally cover potential legal costs.

Moreover, if what we are alleging in the PCP is true [and it most certainly is], as a result of a nationwide Vaxx and PCR Strike, we would witness a rapid decline and flat-lining in both ‘COVID’ deaths and reported cases, much like we saw between June and September 2020, at the end of the 2019-20 national ‘vaccination’ programme’s adverse events window.

Thereby proving that the UK Government’s ‘vaccination’ programme is entirely founded upon a series of unequivocally dishonest statements, each of which was deliberately intended to create the circumstances required to justify the measures imposed, for the purposes of procuring material gain for themselves, Bill Gates and Big Pharma stakeholders. Fraud-in-the-factum, by another name.

Maximisation of ‘Vaccination’ Uptake

In truth, the motive for the defendants’ conspiracy to commit these most nefarious frauds was and remains deceptively simple: to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake, both in Britain and the rest of the world.

Make no mistake about it; SAGE is not a scientific advisory committee – it is merely the UK branch of an international, unaccountable, totalitarian, pharmaceutical dictatorship, bought and paid for by the Gates of Hell and Big Pharma’s stakeholders.

However, in the most simplistic terms, were it not for their reliance upon Ferguson’s Imperial College Model, which fraudulently predicted that 50,000,000 people would die of the dreaded lurgy without locking down the whole world, COVID-1984 would never have transpired.

Ferguson’s Chilling Prediction

Nevertheless, whilst most people are currently arguing about whether the government has been lying to us about everything from day one, so called ‘COVID deniers’ now have sufficient prima facie evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that the entire scamdemic is founded upon Ferguson’s prediction that 50 million people would die, from a ‘virus’ which has never been proven to exist, if his lockdown policies were not imposed worldwide.

How utterly chilling it is to contemplate that, in accordance with the WHO’s leaked predicted mortality rate of 377 deaths per 100,000 healthy adults injected, around 520,000 Britons would perish if 68 million were ‘vaccinated’ with both the flu and COVID shots – only 10,000 more than Ferguson’s prediction of 510,000 UK deaths in the initial stage of the ‘pandemic’ he invented, using a computer-generated predictive model which Bill Gates paid for the development of.

End Genocide Now

Despite being up against the clock to get the papers completed as as soon as I am able, I can’t end this update without offering my humble and eternal gratitude to everybody who has contributed to this genuine effort to End Genocide Now, on these shores and everywhere else.

Sincere thanks to each and every one of you, for assisting the PUB in laying waste to all possible defences that our mutual adversaries are capable of mustering in the PCP.

Rest assured that one day very soon they will all come face to face with the consequences of their heinous crimes against the People, when the PUB’s PCP exposes to the world the substantive evidence that the ‘vaccines’ the defendants want each of us to be injected with twice a year kill a minimum of 377 out of every 100,000 healthy adults ‘vaccinated’.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/pcp-set-to-proceed-against-architects-of-covid-1984-scamdemic/

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