9 Replies to “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months”

  1. I am a Christian and our church is educating us properly about the truth of the virus, vaccine, and mark of the beast… but we are the exception. I have tried like you to educate people but most minds are already made up and are rolling over to take the virus.

  2. Such a great interview!! Dr. Tenpenny has been speaking truth about vaccines for the past 20 years.

  3. Dr Tenpenny would you come to the Pittsburgh, Pa area to give a talk I mean I have you come to do the same thing that you are doing in this interview? do you have any talk like this planned in the very near future?

  4. Why does every medical professional credit GOD when something like this occurrs? GOD did not release this disease into the general population. It was released into the puplic by scientists at a lab in WuHan China who did not have the appropriate protocols for the protection of humans in CHINA or the General Public across the Globe. The only way that scientists around the world were able to come up with a vaccine within 1 year of the carnage that has occurred with the exact genetic make-up of the disease is that China was able to provide the exact genetic sequence to labs around the world to create.these vaccines with. But, the vaccines were not created by GOD, it was created by humans for humans!!! There is always risks involved with a new vaccine. These vaccines are the only way we will be able to return to life as it was is to try to get this disease under control by any means possible. Those of us who have auto immune diseases that puts us at high risk to begin with, vaccines such as this is our only chance. I am greatful that my medical care is being handled by the US Veterans Affairs. I received my first vaccine on February 7, 2021 & my next dose will be on March 7, 2021 & I have been told I will have to repeat yearly until we are sure it is no longer a necessity. I am also a Retired Registered Nurse in the state of Michigan.

  5. You are being lead to believe that it “escaped” from a WuHan Lab, when in fact it is simply rebranded seasonal Flu. By blaming the Chinese it bolsters the opinion that it is somehow new and to be feared. You of course are free to choose who and what to believe, how-ever the truth is the truth. Hopefully you now feel safe, but you are told to continue social distancing, wearing a mask and you’ll need another vaccine – then another – and another….. Hopefully you’ll be one on the few that will survive the encounter with a real virus and your system doesn’t start attacking itself with a Cytokine Storm now that your immune system has been further compromised by the experimental mRNA gene therapy wrongly called a “vaccine”.

  6. Just repent to the Lord with your whole heart, and he will forgive you and cover you. Later, when you receive the luciferace stamp sticker, because you will get it in the mail, due to you taking the vax, do not apply it onto yourself. Just a suggestion. There is a reason why they need you to do it multiple times, because one is not the full dose. You are not lost. Jesus can restore you precious child.

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