3 Replies to “How to deal with BBC license snoops”

  1. I cannot view any of the Newtube videos. Firefox wont allow. Can you post on lbry.tv or BrandNewTube as well please?

  2. I usually post to Newtube.app and BitChute. I have a BrandNewtube account, but BNT doesn’t allow embed anymore. I think lbry.tv requires funding and I run this website totally unfunded.

    I just check BNT and it does allow embed at the moment – however, I’m wary because I had a BNT account and all my videos went missing from my site because BNT stopped allowing embed. When I asked about this problem at BNT my account was blocked – my password no longer worked. I have re-established my BNT account, but for the stated reasons – I doubt I’ll be trusting BNT with my videos. Newtube.app will work everywhere, but it uses cloudfare which takes several seconds to establish a connection. This has resulted in embeds no longer working, but this can be overcome by direct linking an image. Newtube videos upload and process very fast. Bitchute videos usually take a while to process and sometimes fail and have to be uploaded a few times before they process. I am banned from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and a couple of others – because they don’t like videos that don’t promote the official lie.

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