One Reply to “I’d like to report a crime – Police give anti lockdown protester a kicking”

  1. This Covid Pandemic has nothing to do with a medical outbreak, it’s 100% NWO creation.
    Over the last 100 years the Big Players have sought ways to bring the Masses to Order.
    Fear has always been the Ultimate Weapon deployed.
    Any first year science student can tell by looking at the published evidence that the whole Wuhan Covid Program is a Hoax, Over 90% of recorded ‘Deaths’ are in the ‘Aged’ segment.
    In 2020 the seasonal Flu vanished from the world, the first time in human history.
    The mass controlled media hype behind this whole ‘Pandemic’ is not supported by a single strand of evidence. ‘Control Measures’ have been invented on the Fly.
    For the first time in all History well people have been Locked Up. For the first time in History the media is claiming the aged should not be dying!! When have the aged never died? All thru this Covid Agenda Heart Disease has killed 10x more people and while people smoke, drink, eat junk will continue to do so.
    The masses have been lied to. A Virus cannot do what Fraud Medical Science claims.
    The human body is a Biome of trillions of Bacteria and Viruses. Without them you would be dead. All the billions of people that have embraced the narrative of wash, wash and more wash wash are slowly killing themselves. Antibacterial chems target both pathogens and probiotics. Your body needs both. DO NOT use antibacterial products for normal washing and hygiene. The only way a person can remain well is by applying a sound diet to their lifestyle. If you are fit but still suffer colds, flu’s or are taking medications for various ailments you are in fact ‘SICK’ Being Fit but Sick is the road to death! A proper diet will reverse sickness. Food is thy Medicine not fast food and junk.

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