Tesla Stuttgart: No mask, no entry – we’ll see about that

Tesla Stuttgart: No mask, no entry – we’ll see about that

Memory log On 17.03.2021 I bring my Tesla to the Tesla workshop in Stuttgart for a repair. At the door I am greeted by the sign “No entry without mask”. An employee, let’s call him Mr X, comes out and refuses me access to the interior. We’ve had this discussion before. But this time X: “You can’t enter without a mask, instructions from the very top, also from the head office in the USA.” Me: “But I have a certificate”. X: “It doesn’t matter, you can’t get in without a mask”. The end of the story is that I have to freeze outside on a park bench for 3 hours at a temperature of about 3°C, north wind and light snowfall until it is clear what to do with the car. I announce legal consequences for Mr X, his supervisor and the Tesla headquarters in the USA.

26.03.2021 I have another appointment at Tesla, call the local police station beforehand and appear in front of the shop accompanied by two police officers. I:” The one in the back, Mr X, that’s who did it”. Policeman:” Mr X, please come here!” Mr X gets wide-eyed and follows the instruction. Policeman: “Mr X, you refused Mr I, who is here, entry to your shop on 17 March because he was not wearing a mask. Is that correct?” X: “Yes, no one is allowed to enter our shop without a mask, not even with a medical certificate.” Policeman: “Mr I feels discriminated against by you. In addition, Mr I claims to have health problems caused by waiting in the cold. Please give me your personal details.” X gets even bigger eyes behind his mask

. X: “But I was only carrying out the instructions of my superior, Mr Y.” Police officer:” But it was you who refused Mr I entry, wasn’t it?” X: ” Yes, but…” Policeman: “Please fetch your identity card. And get your superior as well. We need his particulars as well.” After the facts had been recorded, Mr Y claimed that I had refused to show my certificate on 17 March. This is not true, as no one asked me for it. I:” That means that if I show them my certificate now, I can enter the shop, right?” I look at him, the two policemen look at him…Y looks unsure…. Y:” Er, yes…” I: “Great, that’s a breach of the basic data protection regulation you’re committing (which will have consequences) but I’ll show you my certificate now!” I hold the certificate under his nose, make sure I’m allowed in there now and enter the shop. There you go.

Lawsuits against the two involved will follow, as will a claim for damages against Tesla in the US for discrimination and the consequential health damage. Moral of the story: ALL those who always say,”…I am only carrying out instructions…” must understand that it is they themselves and personally who are liable. Not the boss, not the company, they are personally liable. Criminal and civil law.

We’ve been sweet enough for long enough now. Not everyone understands this language. Stay peaceful and polite, but DEFEND YOURSELF. It is the many little ones who blindly follow orders that make our lives difficult every day. What do you think Mr. X will do the next time someone without a mask but with a certificate shows up at the door? YOU, perhaps. My guess is he’ll let you in…

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  1. What does the certificate say? I’d like to know what kind of medical information is actually listed on these certificates they are requiring when entering without a mask. My doctor has no problem writing one up – just gotta let him know what to disclose or not disclose.

  2. Just a doctors note that advises that the user shouldn’t wear a mask for medical reasons is more than most would have.

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