PUB v Hancock & Others | Service & Receipt of Evidence Bundle

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PUB v Hancock & Others | Service & Receipt of Evidence Bundle

For the purposes of neutralising the effects of plainly ludicrous and downright malicious claims by a few well-placed agent provocateurs on social media, the slideshow above documents the boxing up, service and delivery of the evidence bundle for PUB v Hancock & Others last week, including hard copies of the papers served by email on 19/03/2021.

As you can see for yourself on the Royal Mail Track and Trace page, from which the final picture has been taken, after entering the reference number on the mail receipt, the case files were received by Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday morning.

All being well, we will receive some kind of indication as to when we are likely to receive the initial response of the court’s legal department early this week. Needless to say, as soon as there is any news it will be posted on this blog and across all my social media platforms.

Critical Thinkers Unite

However, despite the fact that publishing those images should easily rescind the nagging doubts in the minds of those for whom seeing is believing, it is simply not realistic to expect the Common Purpose graduates who have been defaming my character and work to cease and desist just yet.

Especially when the only ammunition they have to fire at me comprises of nothing more than offensive ad hominems, empty-headed fallacies and malicious falsehoods, almost all of which are discharged behind my back, in the hope of convincing people that neither I nor the PUB are to be trusted.

In spite of the fact that, in the event the PCP succeeds, nobody involved stands to gain anything from the tens of thousands of hours we have spent mastering this most urgent of subject matters, other than the restoration of Common Law, justice and freedom, for the sake of our children and future generations.

That being understood, just for the seethingly ironic comedic value, here is a selection of the most common defamatory social media heckles, delivered by Common Purpose shills, alt-media gate-keepers and an assortment of government agents, over the course of the last thirteen years:

“He’s working for MI5 and he’s positioning himself as leader of the controlled opposition.”

As opposed to having been surveilled by MI5 since September 15 2001, after being placed on the ‘potential subversives’ list, when I interviewed the 1st 9/11 whistle-blower on a bugged telephone line.

“He’s a high ranking Freemason, secretly working for the House of Rothschild.”

As opposed to a stubborn working class autodidact, who refused to sell his soul for the guarantee of riches, fame and success in the film industry and went on to prove mortgage fraud in the high court against a Rothschild controlled bank, preventing his parents and sister, his bother-in-law and two nephews from losing their homes.

“He’s committed treason by telling people that Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 has never been law.”

As opposed to having proven with historical evidence that Magna Carta 1215 was formally replaced by Magna Carta Libertatum in 1216 [without Article 61] and that none of the Great Charter’s articles became English Law until 1225.

“He’s just Truther Industrial Complex, spinning another line for his handlers.”

As opposed to the most aggressively censored, notoriously self-governed, consistently cage-rattling, unapologeticly recalcitrant blogger on these tyrannised shores.

“The PCP is a fantasy – completely made up – just like everything else he claims to have achieved.”

As opposed to the most important criminal case in British legal history, founded entirely upon demonstrable truth and enshrined in binding Common Law precedents, just like every other case in a 100% track record.

Nevertheless, the long running, truly pathetic and childishly spiteful hate campaign against me has been met with an indomitable shield-wall of spontaneous intellectual resistance, since I have an ever-growing, revolving phalanx of fearless critical thinkers covering my back, whenever and wherever necessary, for which I am eternally grateful.

United we stand, armed with the logical synthesis of the sustainable facts, in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Common Law, which is best understood as Natural Justice In Action, the central tenet of which is the Golden Rule – Do No Harm.

Moreover, we now have in our possession the crucial data required to win the decisive battle in the COVID-1984 information war, against the most expensive propaganda and psychological warfare campaigns that any British government has ever waged against its own people.

PCP Week One Snapshot

Over the course of the first week, following the electronic laying of the information in the Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson, we witnessed the following events:

  1. The Gates Foundation removing links to evidence we cited in the papers from their website, the day after they were electronically laid at the court.
  2. YouTube and Twitter censoring Mark Devlin’s channels, three days after he released an interview with yours truly about the electronic laying of the papers, when it had already attained in excess of 40,000 views.
  3. Matt Hancock stuttering and stumbling, after being asked, in the Parliamentary Coronavirus Act ‘debate’ last Thursday, about existing data on fatal adverse events within three weeks of the COVID jabs.
  4. The evidence bundle being served upon and received by Westminster Magistrates Court, as shown in the foregoing image gallery, the day after Hancock’s bumbling response to by far the most significant question asked by any MP since the first day of this treacherous Parliament.

Panic on the Streets of Whitehall

Since late 2020, I have been publishing information about the leaked WHO safety study, which recorded a 0.377% minimum mortality rate, within three weeks and a day of receiving UK MHRA licensed flu ‘vaccines’.

Therefore, it is somewhat unlikely that the question posed to a panic-stricken Hancock in Parliament last week can be set aside as merely coincidental to the Statement of Case being laid electronically at Westminster Magistrates Court six days earlier, arguing that the very same question demands an immediate answer from each of the four defendants [obviously including Hancock].

Especially when the minimum mortality rate for flu jabs is shown, by data correlations we have now adduced into evidence, to be almost identical to that of healthy adults injected with the COVID ‘vaccines’, within 22 days of getting the jabs.

Suffice to say, PCP Week One has been eventful, to say the least. So it seems more than fitting to end this post with the words which fellow outspoken recalcitrant, Mark Devlin, said to me last week, when he informed me about the interview being censored on his channels:

“Do you think we hit a nerve?”

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