1. the FDA has put a black box warning on at least two of the jabs..Pfizer and Moderna… enquiries about the others being
    made by Stew Peters .

    ..his TV show yesterday 13 August broke this news.

    …can petitions be made to stop our kids having heart attacks at 12 and even younger by being forced. by abusive parents to have this jab? There is a whole generation now infertile..if they don’t die from heart problems before they can breed.

    Rockefeller depopulation agenda…. see his lockstep plan online…all planned over ten years ago..

    .the world isn’t over crowded…it’s railway journeys or travel documentaries…they crowd us into cities so they can control and spy on us because they are frightened of our power. Only one per cent of them….they are so outnumbered! They want to cull us..look at the Georgia guidestones …written by them…it’s not harmony with nature it’s so they feel less frightened and think with so few of us and vaxxed and suffering from starvation…yes food shortages now on the way because too many wouldn’t take the vaxx…so they are hurrying this up…

    Look at the French Revolution…it was people like you and me who had had enough and dragged them into the streets and chopped their heads off! That’s what they are frightened of..the police ..the armies are to protect them from us!

    .why isn’t it being stopped? Where are the crowds demanding that their children be left alone…it’s just a cold or flu as the CDC have been forced to admit.

    All through the fake pandemic they hid this on their website’s a cold….never isolated cos it’s all a money making scam like all their viruses…aids ebola swine flu so called Spanish flu…no it wasn’t Spanish flu it was bacterial pneumonia caused by Rockefeller experimental horse serum…allowed to jab all soldiers going to killed one third of the entire world as fear spread and he got to jab more and. more countries. Autopsies showed this and the fact that you cannot catch in spite of all the ways doctors and scientists one caught it. No autopsies allowed this time…

    The CDC ..think hiding that it was just a cold on their websites will save them from a guilty verdict at the Nuremberg trials . they know the penalty for experimenting with humans carries an automatic death penalty.

    stew peters news on FDA black box for vaxxs is being censored so use startpage as your search engine …no cookies no tracking no history. Keep away from deep state Google etc ..type in and the news on TV as it was recorded live is there.

    No virus has ever been isolated ..countries have been forced to admit this. It is impossible to catch a virus..they are not alive like bacteria..they mop up toxins in the body..they cannot exist outside the body. See Dr Kauffman..Dr Stefan Lanka etc

    bitchute website has host of censored truth telling doctors who went to court in Portugal as the measles virus was never isolated and he proved that …they still give measles jabs today..what is in the jab?..a witches brew of toxins..animal and human urine cells from aborted babies cells..monkey kidney cells. Aluminium formaldehyde mercury they now call thirmerosol lots of other toxins…some babies die and they call it SIDS. sudden infant death syndrome…it’s the vaccine. ..these new ones don’t have some of these ingredients but even worse ones instead.
    Research…take control of your body..say NO . My body my choice

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