This is one of the most important half hour’s of your lives. Worth the watch.

Alberta’s Medical Experts Speak out above the gross misinformation, lies, and tyranny of Covid19. This is one of the most important half hour’s of your lives. Worth the watch. However, THERE IS NO NOVEL VIRUS !!! I doubt they can say that in their position. They are risking expulsion now.

Kenney says caucus dissent over COVID-19 OK, but breaking health rules means expulsion

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is drawing a line in the sand for 18 of his backbenchers who are openly criticizing public health restrictions meant to face down COVID-19.

Kenney says dissent is part of a democracy, but adds he has warned United Conservative legislature members that flouting the rules means disciplinary action that includes getting kicked out of caucus.

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“I made it very clear to my caucus this morning that while we accept a diversity of opinions and I totally respect the obligation of members to represent their constituents ? the government caucus could not tolerate any member counselling people to engage in civil disobedience or to break public-health measures,” Kenney said Thursday.

“I think that’s well understood by our team.”

Asked if he would remove violators from caucus, Kenney had a one-word reply: “Yes.”

Almost half of the party’s 40 backbenchers are publicly condemning a return to stricter health restrictions Kenny announced this week. They want eased rules or, if not, targeting them in areas with high COVID-19 case rates.

COVID-19 variants have become dominant strain in AlbertaTop doctor says COVID-19 variants have become dominant strain in Alberta

Sixteen of the politicians, most representing rural constituencies, have signed an open letter saying the changes are a step backwards that threatens livelihoods and freedoms.

One of them is Nate Horner who represents Drumheller-Stettler.

A post on his Facebook page says a regional approach to restrictions is needed that takes into account rural constituencies, including his, with few infections.


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