This is Mind Blowing. This was shown at a Wellness Convention. This is the Pfizer mRNA under 2000x magnification. They are unsure of the exact nature, but it looks like a living organism which contains moving particles. They’re now sending these images to Immunologist Dr. Capel

Translated from the original post:

Today I was at a meeting where very interesting people come. In addition, there was a man who does a lot with quantum physics, holistic health, agricultural regeneration, and research.
He has set up a #pfizer vaccine and increased to 2000x magnification and filmed it.

What you see is a living organism in the vaccine. But he too doesn’t know what it is. He will investigate it with Pierre Capel to determine what it is.

It is not a virus.

Translation of the spoken words in the vid:

You’re looking at a living organism (a cell with a nucleus 2000x magnification), which contains moving particles. No clue what those are, could be the messenger RNA. They’re now sending the images to Dr. Capelle, who is on of our top immunologists. Someone says ‘Could this be a Morgellon’? Then a bystander says: What if you microwave it? Which gets the answer: Duh, that kills off everything.

Original post via Key to Health News:

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