2 Replies to “Nurse warns – Stay away from Vaxxed People”

  1. As much as all this makes sense & is great to hear, you ruined it TOTALLY with your offensive term to define the great brainwashed of humankind. Stop using the word “retard”! It’s an incorrect & cruel slur on the autistic, who, are smarter than your sorry-ass & its now used so freely to define stupidity, which is even worse. So refrain from this in future if you want to sound aware, respectful & professional. It’s an unfair term to use & makes you sound like you’re the uneducated one!

  2. I personally don’t see harm in using such a word. You are entitled to you opinion. As a matter of interest, what word would you use to describe the lazy, ill-informed, gullible people that have elected to take the experimental gene therapy that in all likely hood will at minimum bring about an early death if they are lucky, sterilize them and very possibly cause dementia ? I think possibly – retard is a brief enough phrase that encompasses all that. Feel free to replace retard with a word more suitable for your sensitivity.

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