DARPA Hydrogel VS Human Pineal Gland

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That our overlords are after our Pineal Glands is known to many, but it seems Fluoride and Aluminium are not doing the job for them at the speed they require. There are many papers on what Pineal Gland does for us but all of them agree that it’s essential for all higher brain functions. It also produces Serotonin (happiness hormone) and we all know our ruling class don’t want us Happy… just look at our MSM, Fear is the main commodity being sold there.

Source… https://www.disclose.tv/t/darpa-hydrogel-vs-human-pineal-gland/30688

What can they do to shut down our Pineal Gland more effectively? Ask yourself why MSM hammers down on testing-testing-testing with a PCR test we all know it’s not fit for purpose?

Welcome to the world of DARPA, vaccinations and PCR tests, but let us first start with DARPA and their Hydrogel…


What’s in it?
“Lithium is an element (Li) that does not occur naturally in humans. It is highly toxic to the influence of the pineal gland. In low doses it blocks the pineal gland and in higher doses it can completely destroy it.”afbeelding881×428 190 KB

Someone in Slovakian hospital did his due diligence on PCR swabs bringing the two together (Hydrogel & PCR tests). Let me walk you through their findings, full PDF link can be found on the OP bottom.

PCR test swabs are not made from cotton but from the hollow Nylon fibres. Why they are hollow? Well, to stuff them up with “goodies”.
afbeelding886×335 73.4 KB
afbeelding871×689 156 KB
afbeelding864×426 123 KB

Let’s pause here to remind ourselves on Lithium toxicity, namely that we can tolerate much more Lithium in the whole body than we can in the brain. To me this explains why this PCR swabs need to come as near to my brain as possible – efficient Li delivery where it will do the most damage. Li overdose symptoms also matches the shakes and convulsions I have seen in many vaccinated.EMCrit Project 31

Lithium intoxication – EMCrit Project 31

CONTENTS Pharmacokinetics Presentations Evaluation Lithium level & ingested dose Treatment Decontamination Avoid medications which impair excretion Fluid resuscitation & diuresis Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus Dialysis Resumption of lithium…

Est. reading time: 13 minutes

Those hollow Nylon fibres are stacked with Hydrogel Li containing micro-balls.
afbeelding873×700 154 KB
afbeelding866×359 80.7 KB

What do you think happens when this stuff enters our body and mixes with our saliva?afbeelding887×408 127 KB
afbeelding867×698 169 KB

“After expelling a mixture of nylon fibre fragments, Darpa Hydrogel along with lithium remains on the nasal mucosa below the pituitary and pineal glands. This mixture immediately reacts with living structures to form crystals that target the pineal gland, which has its own electromagnetic field. The shape of the crystals determines the type of hydrogel used. The crystals are conductive because of the lithium in them. The crystals can receive the signal from the transmitter to the cell and send signals from the cell to the transmitter. These are actually nano-antennas”afbeelding869×751 151 KB

They are trying to turn us into freaking antennas, how nice from our Trans-Humanist Globalist Scum. However, Do Not Despair, their plan is not bulletproof, as seen from MSM witch-hunt on malaria suppressant drugs and lock-down promotion to disable development of natural Covid flue immunity. There is a reason why they suppress that … look at what natural immunity and Ivermectin does to their new shiny bioweapon…afbeelding878×728 185 KB
afbeelding877×755 189 KB

Notice that natural immunity on the left (saliva with antibodies) has much stronger effect on Darpa Hydrogel than Ivermectin on the right…so to say a healthy spit will disable their bioweapon. But Ivermectin is potent too, it may help folks who have compromised natural immunity.afbeelding875×776 210 KB

Remember all those blood cloths from adverse vaccine reactions?afbeelding873×703 156 KB
afbeelding870×707 225 KB
afbeelding872×728 175 KB

The tested PCR swabs came from SD Biosensor, Abbott and Nadal…looking at how our health-industry is infiltrated by the Scum of the Earth, expect other PCR swabs to contain the same bio-weapon.

Switch off your TV, go meet people, eat good and most importantly try to be happy, give and get some Love in your life… your natural immunity will be boosted and their Hydrogel Bioweapon will melt like snow in the spring as soon as it touches you. This explains to me why we have so many differences in reaction to Covid jab.

Antenna like microstructures, blocking Pineal Gland and transmitting & receiving, your bio-data & globalist garbage propaganda soon to all come together with global 5G roll-out. You being happy and healthy with no fear seems to do more against this Evil Plan than any armed struggle would. Take care of your Pineal Gland, it’s your most potent weapon they secretly want to disarm.golokaproject.org 137137

Analysis-of-test-sticks-from-surface-testing-in-the-Slovak-Republic.pdf 137

3.40 MB

Eat well! I’ll go do what I preach and join you.


Source… https://www.disclose.tv/t/darpa-hydrogel-vs-human-pineal-gland/30688

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    Should I find ivermectin if I was forced to take one of those damn swabs? I had to twice before a surgery and foolishly didn’t think it through. Will ivermectin help destroy what they put in?

  2. Well if you think there is nothing to worry about, why are you warning us from this huge danger? Is it because having only 1 or 2 swab isnt that big of a deal? Pls comment as soon as.
    Thank you in andvance

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