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I attended Eastbound worldwide protest yesterday Saturday 15th May which started at the train station and made it way down to the seafront where it then headed to Holywell to finish. A small group of us split from the protest as I had booked a vaccination in at princess park surgery to have my vaccination. 😛

Now it’s no secret that I have been doing my own research and what is constantly presented to me is that this doesn’t make any sense what so ever and the Information from anywhere but main stream is saying this vaccine is dangerous.

So I made my way to the vaccine Centre and on arrival it was clearly displayed that it was a Vaccine Center (normally a gp surgery)and to go in. I don’t wear a mask because I am medically exempt as I suffer with mild to sever anxiety and I didn’t have my lanyard on display. I went up to the desk where I was asked for my booking reference and I gave my name and was handed a 2 page double sided A4 leaflet (photo 1-4 below) which I was told to go take a seat and read through and I would be called in. So I went and took a seat.

It’s worth noting I was not asked once the whole time I was there to wear a mask.

As I started to read through the leaflet, I had got to “read all this information carefully” when I was called in to get my vaccine. I still had 3 pages left to read but was being ushered in. (Not enough time was given for me to even read it through)

I entered the doctors room which was the first of 4 rooms all with chairs outside, this is where they placed patients waiting for the jab. There was a nurse stationed at a computer and a nurse standing my a chair which was set up for you to place your arm ready for your Injection. I sat down and explained I was quite nervous and that I had a few question before I will consent to having the vaccine as I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of scary stuff so I wanted to come ask the people that are giving them as they must have all the correct information. The nurse was happy to start answering my question and I started with asking….

Q: is the vaccine still in an ongoing trial?
A:”as far as I’m aware it’s not in a trial, it hasn’t had a full licence in this country, but it has been approved in other countries”
(1st of many different answers I was given re it being in an ongoing trial still) I then drew her attention to page 1 on the heading where it’s states it’s only for emergency use but hasn’t made me aware the the vaccine itself won’t complete its trial until 2022/2023 therefore there isn’t enough data to back the claims that it’s safe or if it’s effects. This instantly worried me. Giving me false information and missing that information from the vaccine information document I was given, this should be the first thing that they advise me of surly? That there is no long term study to show its effectiveness or long term effects. It’s worth noting that it was not mentioned that because it’s still in trial stage the manufactures held no liability. This again should have been made clear.

Q: what studies have been done to show how effective or what reactions there have been for people on medication.
A: from a tablet point of view, erm there isn’t any, it’s only if, if you have erm…. (then she looked to a laminated sheet and then went in to state when I interrupted and asked if the laminate was a list of things to tell a patient and she then quickly said no and continued) say fir example you have allergic reactions to many medication we wouldn’t give you this vaccine, we would offer you another one because there is a ingredient in it called
PEG and she then referred to the 4 page document I was given to which I stopped her and said that this leaflets is missing vital information so i’m inclined not to use it to refer to as its misleading and I haven’t even had a chance to read it fully.I go on to explain that I’m asking questions to put my worries at rest because it’s clear it’s still an ongoing trial at which point I was then told that I should maybe go away, have a…..

World Doctors Alliance, [18.05.21 22:56]
[Forwarded from The UK Freedom Alliance]
I interrupted and said that why I’m here because I want to ask the vaccine Center to get the correct Information to which I was then told they can’t give me that information now (but is willing to give me the vaccine 😫) and I was asked to sit outside and I could go have a chat with doctor. (I seemed to holding up the line. I reminded them that they are the experts and why i’m asking them and they should be very clear in what they are giving and explain that it is in trials still as there isn’t enough current or long term safety information. Plus manufactures are not liable for damages. Blank faces

So I sat nervously waiting to ask the doctor some questions and I was was then lead in to a doctor room. I explained I had questions and I was worried about the things i’m hearing and researching and he went on to say that ultimately it’s up to you if you want to have it or not and I went on to explain I’m aware of that but I have some questions to ask before I decide. So I started with ….. (worth noting the doctor had a mask on, maybe this was to hide me detecting his facial expressions and lies)

Q: what strikes me first of all is that I’m really worried about, I was handed this when I arrive (4page document) and it doesn’t inform me that it’s still in an active trail… (he interrupted and said)
A: it’s not
Q: so it’s not still in trail stage still?
A: “no, we are not taking part in a clinical trial” (SEE THE PLAY ON WORDS !)
Q: but this vaccine it’s self still hasn’t completed its trials and been approved for normal use only for emergency use because it’s still in trial phase? I went on to say I’ve looked up the trial process when he interrupted again
A: I have a history of running clinical trials and this is not a clinical trial. (PLAY ON WORDS AGAIN)
Q: but it hasn’t been approved?
A: no today we are giving this vaccine

At this point I could see his body language change, he became evasive, agitated and seemed uncomfortable.

A: it’s been approved by the MHRA

I then stated that it’s been approved for emergency use and that there is a cure/effective treatment in treating covid-19 and his reply was

A: a cure? What’s the cure?

Q: Ivermectin? HCQ?
A: there are no such studies
Q: I went on to advise him that Dr Fauci himself has a study paper several years ago and discovered that HCQ treats all coronavirus naviruse infections and that even Matt Hancock is aware of the positive effects of Ivermectin to which he stated then it will be documented so I asked if these treatments were available and his reply

A: no because there are no proven studies

Q: I went to ask him what were his credentials as even an ex vaccine maker of phizer,the vaccine they were offering me on the day, was suggesting that this vaccine was not the right tool for the job. What are your thoughts on that?
A: it has been approved by the relevant authorities.

Are we getting the picture here. They clearly haven’t had anyone go in and challenge the narrative.

I went on to ask for a list of ingredient because I wanted to see the vaccine insert and he had to go looking for them, I ask him if he knew the ingredients and he didn’t. I asked him if it contained MRC-5 and he didn’t know what their was

He then became obstructive and said I clearly wasn’t here to take the vaccine to which I replied I have booked an appointment and showed up and that would suggest I’m considering having it however I’m worried about what I’m hearing and your not helping that fear because even you don’t have the answers to questions that you should know if your administering this vaccine. I also reminded him of his oath and medical doctors ethics.

He went on to tell me the the mrna is a messenger vaccine and I then interrupted and said “a messenger, that would suggest it’s not a vaccine, he replied “it’s a vaccine” I then asked what the definition of a vaccine is to which he replied something which you inject into the body to cause an immune response and give you immunity…..

Q: so this vaccine will give you immunity

World Doctors Alliance, [18.05.21 22:56]
[Forwarded from The UK Freedom Alliance]
A: yes (he clears his throat)Q: so why are people still catching it after having the vaccine
A: it’s only 85% effective (cough)
Q: so are people dying from taking the vaccine
A: some people have erm but not this vaccine. (Clears throat again)
Q: people have died from this vaccine?
A: no they haven’t
Q: I’m afraid your incorrect it’s all listed on the VERS database.

He then goes on to ask me why I’m here again and seems to get very agitated and I ask if there was someone else I could speak to book an appointment to come back and speak to someone who could answer my questions to which he stated no I’ve given you 30 minutes and I should go speak to my own doctor and ask them the questions. I then stated that this is a vaccine Center and this information should be available. I then reminded him of his doctor ethics and oath and that he is to ensure that the patient understand the treatment in a form they can understand etc and he then left and got the practice manager who I explained my concerns to and stated that I still had questions to which he informed me that he wasn’t medically trained and just runs the practice (£££££) ….. I was then ushered out the door but not before I got an email address and left my list of 100 questions and if he could be so kind as to update me.

Sorry that was long winded and I’m sure I missed a few things and will edit this as I listen I the recording again.

But by doing this I’m hoping I can empower other to go and do the same.

Book your appointment in the link below. It easy. Just turn up with your questions and your phone on record for your protection.


It’s very clear that they haven’t been presented with people asking questions and are not geared up for it. It’s your right and the doctors and nurses have to accommodated you otherwise they are in breach of their ethics and oath and they expose themselves. It has highlighted a lot of things. They make you wait in rock after your vaccine like good little sheep for 15 minutes and they can then carry on with your day. WHAT ALARMED ME IS IT WAS FULL IF YOUNG PEOPLE BEING VACCINATED. 😢

Also you will be saving a life by using up that time slot.

Remains calm and speak slowly. Show no aggression. Kill them with kindness and your not doing anything wrong.

Thank them for their time and advise you want more time to consider and leave.


(I will place any edits below here as I remember them and will be correcting grammar and spelling (so do ine grammar police) so bare with me…. )

Photos below
1-4 : document I was given on arrival
5 : doctors ethics
6 – 12 : vaccine insert

(EDIT: I also asked him if he was aware of the Nuremberg trials currently taking place in other countries and his reply, no I am not. I then asked was he not following the doctors alliance or was he aware there was so many speaking out and he said he had heard of them.

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