German whistleblower exposes the Great Reset

By Niall McCrae:

‘Frieden, Freiheit, keine Diktator’ is the hypnotic chant at anti-lockdown protests in Berlin (peace, freedom, no dictatorship). The German people have shouted loudest against the Covid regime, having a recent history of totalitarian systems from the Nazis to the Stasi-policed communism of the DDR. Despite the heavy-handed policing, with riot squads dressed like the stormtroopers of dystopian science fiction, the rallies are getting larger. 


On Tuesday a massive crowd gathered near the Reichstag, where the German government was about to pass an emergency law that critics likened to Hitler’s enabling act of 1933. Water cannon kept them at bay, but too many people know too much. They no longer trust their leaders or the selective science used to justify loss of basic liberties. And despite mainstream media propaganda and censorship, more and more citizens are aware of the underlying agenda. 

This week, Sebastian Friebel, parliamentary adviser to the Bundestag, resigned before writing a missive exposing how the globalists are exploiting Covid-19 to destroy democracy, freedom and justice. The Great Reset, and its corollary of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a plan for a sustainable economy that will ‘save the planet’. The instigator is the World Economic Forum, whose annual conference at the alpine resort of Davos is where billionaires decide how lesser mortals shall live. Clearly they want to reduce us to digital slaves.

‘Conspiracy theory’ is like the term ‘racist’: it is used to stifle debate and to demonise opponents. But what if there really is a conspiracy? The New York Times, on the same day as the WEF heralded the Great Reset as the bright future, denounced it as ‘baseless conspiracy theory’, demanding that Facebook and Twitter erase any mention of it. WEF founder Klaus Schwab wrote a book this year titled – wait for it – The Great Reset. Why are mainstream media trying to hide the truth from us?  And more importantly, why are the German and British governments, among others, suddenly unleashing technocracy on their bewildered societies? 

Covid-19 is enabling the dream to become reality: the pandemic justifies a global emergency response, with laws and lockdowns that prevent discussion, debate and demonstrations. Friebel lamented that ‘after many decades of great freedom and economic prosperity, the world is apparently once again moving towards authoritarian forms of government with mass surveillance, censorship and extensive control of the population’. 

Health versus wealth is frequently used as an argument for draconian interventions. Shops, pubs and theatres are suffering, but lives come first. Yet as Friebel observed, the response to the disease has boosted the profits of mega-corporations and banks, as well as the power of supranational bodies such as the UN and IMF. The deception is working: – 

‘Many citizens see the economic crisis that has arisen as a result of the Corona measures as proof that governments put public health above the interests of business. Unfortunately, precisely the opposite is true: the crisis plays right into the hands of the world’s most influential corporations with their aspired-to transformation of the world economy.’

The Great Reset entails smashing everything to pieces, using the cover of Covid-19, to radically change society and its structures, benignly sloganized as ‘build back better’. The UK economy is set to contract by 11% this year, the worst on record. The globalists want countries to pile on the debt, because this increases their dependence and thus obedience to the New World Order. The IMF offered Belarus $940 million in June, on condition that it imposed lockdown, compulsory masking and quarantine (the president refused, and revealed the bribe). 

National sovereignty is being steadily eroded. The EU, in its coronavirus recovery plan, wants economic policy transferred from member states, inevitably leading to deregulation and privatisation, favouring global corporations. Think of the HSBC advertisements telling us ‘you are not an island’. We must become global citizens (or consumers), whether we like it or not.  Small and medium businesses cannot compete: in lockdown they have been ordered to close while the online giants take their trade. It’s like Stalin’s wipe-out of the kulaks in Ukraine in the 1930s. 

Digital surveillance is removing our rights to a private life. A digital passport had already been introduced by the WEF before Covid-19, with investment by the Rockefeller Foundation, Google, JP Morgan, BlackRock and UN agencies. Now it will feature vaccination records, denying ‘anti-vaxxers’ the right to travel. Eventually a subcutaneous microchip will disclose our biometric identity to anyone in authority. A cashless society has been forced upon us, giving governments and corporates control of our transactions. Communist China has shown the way. Ethical scrutiny, informed consent and privacy will be nothing but quaint romantic ideals. 

So this is the New Normal, a cure much worse than the disease. A state of emergency that lasts forever: masks, social distancing rules and involuntary vaccines. ‘Smart cities’ where every movement is tracked, and you cannot leave without permission. Friebel’s account shows how the German government has uncritically accepted that everything must change for the Great Reset, with no dissent allowed. The conspiracy is no longer a theory; the conspirators have laid out their plans. The ordinary people must wake up before it’s too late. 


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