1. Hi Phil,
    This is oceana (de Silva) from Twitter (ex twitter). I got locked out of my account and couldn’t get access. Missed you all (a lot!).
    So isolated without my lion-heart comrades! I haven’t been able to get on twitter since.
    I hope everyone is ok. Say hi for me. Tell them I miss them!

  2. Are you permanently blocked or are you banned for a week ? I quite regularly get banned for a day and sometimes a week. If you need to create another account let me know and I’ll put it out there so you can restart.

  3. They banned me for a week or 14 days back in October I think it was. When I went to get back on they wanted security code text confirmation on an old phone number I couldn’t find sim for. The registered email was also dead and although I thought I’d added new email it didn’t appear in options to use email for security code. I messaged twitter a few times they ignored me.
    I tried getting a new email to open another account but they all wanted text / phone confirmation and I don’t have signal here and only use phone for internet. I gave up in exasperation. Then twitter started culling accounts and saying they were now the ministry of truth and that combined with idea of having to start a new account stopped me from trying. I thought I was on twitter too much anyway it was consuming my life. I still spend much of my time researching and keeping up with psychos inc agenda.. I bet everyone’s notifications and feeds have been lighter without my constant RT’s !
    Interesting about H1N1 – just listened to that and interesting, foreboding material on 5 g in Switzerland and that Indian? Village.. not good.
    Have you noticed a difference on twitter with censorship? I had already seen repeatedly my twts were shadowbanned so I was largely speaking in an echo chamber unless I was directly engaging with someone irrelevant in the algorithm of the all seeing eye..

    Just read Whitney‘S piece on warp speed and panopticon.. that put the whole worldwideWEB, interNET thing into sharp perspective. Reminds me of the child catcher in Chitty Chitty bang bang!

  4. I think the Twitter banning is slowing down and some of my tweets that would have me getting another ban don’t so my guess is we are just tweeting to those of us that are already fully aware. A good source of info is https://t.me/scamdemic1984 if you are on Telegram. Telegram is not as open as Twitter in that there’s not a general feed but its all separated into channels that you can subscribe to. Many channels are read only for posting, but you can usually reply.

  5. Jacquel cardona
    Replying to
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