This is curtains for the BBC

This is curtains for the BBC’ | Lawyer on the aftermath of Diana interview inquiry

Setting aside the observation that until sh*t hits the fan for those with money. The BBC has always been establishment protected

The point here is what the Lawyer’s saying

Her observation regarding ‘Statutory Instruments’

How used and her opinion of there legitimacy

Now consider how Govt has delt with a non pandemic, no longer listed as an infectious disease – Flu like symptom

The number of Statutory Instruments created in contradiction of it’s own online public posting that has –

  • Destroyed lives and livelihoods
  • Created bankruptcy and poverty
  • Push the suicide rate and mental health disorders of the UK into out of control status
  • Has effectively given death sentences to those who cancer and other life threatening conditions

I can list, but not ignore the conspicuously public repeal of Genocide Laws before aggressively pushing leath injections

How many fraudulent instruments are we allowing – Before we Act?

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