One Reply to “THE STORY OF OUR TIME (HARRY VOX) – MAY 26, 2021”

  1. Very perceptive. It started before the French Revolution. Read “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler and /or Benjamin Freedman and industrialist who served under Roosevelt and decided to go on the road and warn Americans about plans for a WWIII. This was planned out for a very long time.
    It is an onion reality, with many layers. Above the bankers there is another interdimensional power controlling the agenda, to bring on artificial intelligence as the sole ruler of humanity and Earth.
    Arizona Wilder in interviews with David Icke reveals that these top eliters are not human.
    A Nova Scotia brave man, Donald Marshal, much like you exposes these beings as reptilian who have a parasitical pedophilic nature; and through raping the children they absorb the soul energy of children, who have more energy than adults. Why is it that the soul is so important? The soul has immense power but we do not know or learn anything about that in schools. Why? Much like the Media, the school system is held captive .
    These reptoids are also infected with A.I. and are incapable of compassion or understanding what love is. Max Spiers, a former super soldier has been denouncing them, and while in Poland on an interview, he was poisoned to prevent him from continuing his work.
    If you watch the videos of Jason Goodman and Quiin Michaels you will see that the monetary system will be controlled by Blockchain. The International Bankers are going to betray their own people, for A.I. needs the power of the electromagnetic body of humans like in the Matrix movie . This betrayal was predicted by J.R.R. Tolkien in “The Lord of the Rings” ,when the leader of the Elves states that the Dwarves care nothing for the trouble of others with the result that the mountains where they had built their city was overrun by the dark forces and annihilated. It comes back to the old saying: one reaps what one sows.

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