Insider Astrid Stuckelberger reveals how the WHO created a false covid pandemic

THE COVID CRISIS. WHO insider Astrid Stuckelberger with credentials from the UN, among others, has worked with international health regulations in several countries that guide legislation and the narrative of how the covid crisis is to be explained in the world. Stuckelberger reveals the architecture that built up the covid crisis. A steering group has worked through bodies such as GAVI and WHO.


Text: Torbjörn Sassersson and Jessica Jidholt | The interview is a clip from the documentary Planet Lockdown

Astrid Stuckelberger  says that WHO’s Director General Tedros Adhanom lacks pandemic knowledge, but has still managed to take total control of which directives apply during the covid crisis in the world.

“The pandemic is internationally organized, in a systematic way.” … “We have no debate, we are censored. Censorship is the first sign of dictatorship ”.

Tedros Adhanom should have consulted with people like Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland and Dr. Margaret Chan , but their voices were not given space, says Stuckelberger, who continues, specialists in SARS and covid have been ignored by a WHO that instead provides unqualified, non-specific, non-clinically based directives at various press conferences.

Instead of gathering the best skills in work teams , which is routine in pandemic threats, to review and discuss globally collected data from around the world, the WHO has chosen to issue orders based on directives that exclude communication. WHO has not taken into account the knowledge of specialists I know. Instead, the WHO has held general press conferences where the organization has repeatedly changed its word choice, arbitrary definitions without providing exact data and examples of specific research.

Stuckelberger also says that Covid 19 laws made WHO a world government with total power over the world’s media companies, which led to all media companies around the world conveying the same things by repeating the same words (based on the same script, red note) in stores and shopping malls, on airports, in newspapers. WHO even pays to produce controlled content in the mass media, Astrid Stuckelberger claims.

“So how can we have a debate?” Stuckelberger asks rhetorically. “They have put together a group of specialists, in Switzerland, who are fighting each other due to conflicts of interest.”

Astrid Stuckelberger says, among other things, that the epidemiologist and professor Marcel Tanner at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute receives juicy sponsorship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and that the management team and the specialists invited to lead this pseudo-pandemic primarily promote the press corps’ rhetoric. and on the interests of governments.

She believes that the world has ended up in a science fiction-like situation with made-up research, that we have all been forced to do something imaginary, that a non-reality has been taken into account and that the research that forms the basis for political decisions is politically controlled.

“It’s dramatic, it has consequences for people’s lives and finances.”

In addition, research, doctors and treatment methods that work are censored. People die completely unnecessarily, warns Stuckelberger.

“They visit pharmacies and seize entire stocks of Ivermectin, a medicine that works very well. They prevent researchers from collecting data, and reject data that is contrary to their interests and present their own to benefit them. It turns out that they have analyzed the entire media system and have full control, they control the communication. All in all, this means that they have the whole system under control and I emphasize “them”, these people are above Guterres [UN Secretary-General]. “

Page from the site
Page from the site

Astrid Stuckelberger goes into further details that confirm previous information about which architects are behind the covid crisis. She says that Bill Gates is involved in the vaccine alliance GAVI, which is a public-private and global health partnership with the goal of increasing vaccination in the world, but beyond that GAVI is controlled by a board that controls the course of events. Here is the Rockefeller Foundation , which exerts great influence globally in health issues.

“Everyone already knows that this is the case, but there are also other interest groups and people we need to investigate.”

Stuckelberger believes that it is extremely shocking that GAVI has complete immunity from prosecution in its actions and decisions.

“This means that GAVI has higher immunity than UN member states, as well as consulates and ambassadors. Which means that GAVI can commit whatever criminal act they so desire without any consequences. No one is allowed to investigate or gain access to their documents, computers or archives. They also pay no tax. ”

“And as you know, we have secret banks in Switzerland. So it is very easy for those involved with the financial structure “ , says Stuckelberger, who adds that diplomatic status is also used so that documents, for example, can be transported in protected luggage.

Astrid Stuckelberger says that key people have signed agreements with the Swiss government, the FDA’s equivalent in Switzerland, with the people who control health issues, vaccine campaigns and medical issues. Agreement on the management of the pandemic has been signed with WHO, GAVI and the Swiss government

“I suspect they have similar agreements globally, with other countries.”

Astrid Stuckelberger: They have created a financial system

“I also discovered that GAVI has agreements with bilateral agencies within the UN, such as the World Bank, and probably others. The World Bank is very important. They created something called the International Finance Facility for Immunization ( IFFIm ). ”

Stuckelberger says that GAVI is financed by donations from Member States. Through IFFIm’s scheme, for example, Italy has donated very large amounts of money to GAVI, as an example, she says.

Diagram: Sweden’s assistance to all recipients via the International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm) in all sector categories by 2020

It turns out that the World Bank via IFFIm and with the support of IFFIm’s own ability to launder money (billions) is behind a very large spread of covid vaccines. This is done in coordination with GAVI and the body Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (Cepi). Here is also Covax with central.

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“Kenneth Lay, chair of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), is no stranger to using financial innovation to help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. He spoke to GlobalCapital about the importance of IFFIm as a vehicle to finance the global vaccine rollout in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.” – Global Capital

Stuckelberger goes on to outline how a financial system was built around the covid crisis, based on a bond bond market .

“Every time a country takes our taxes to give to GAVI and IFFIm, the money goes to the immunization project and the global vaccine plan.” … “Private and official projects have multinational branches that also involve financial bodies.”

The World Bank has thus signed an agreement with GAVI, the global alliance for vaccine initiatives, which in turn has a partnership with Bill Gates and IFFIm, which in turn funds the
Coalition Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI). They lead research and studies as well as the COVAX program, which is managed from Singapore and Switzerland. In reality, all governments thus fund the COVAX campaign in the world, says Stuckelberger.

It just gets clearer and clearer. As a researcher, I have to build hypotheses, but these are facts, says Stuckelberger, who adds that further research must be carried out to identify the beneficiaries and drivers of the covid crisis at a deeper level of detail.

“What has emerged is that we are dealing with a multinational network consisting of a very small group of individuals with lots of money produced through private banks. These banks are therefore private, not state-owned. For example, the US Federal Reserve and banks in Switzerland. “The agenda of this coalition of private families, to which Bill Gates belongs, they do not hide what their goals are.”

Astrid Stuckelberger mentions Bill Gates’ statements in 2015 in a TED Talk. He talked about a terrible virus, a pandemic and reducing the world’s population by 15%.

“So it’s definitely one of their agendas, but it’s not new.”

Stuckelberger addresses the eugenics movement, which started as early as World War II.

They wanted to promote the Aryan race. Their argument was based on creating a super race and at the same time they wanted to reduce the population. Today, the same wishes are expressed, she explains.

“Through Lockdown, they want to limit our Freedom. Our freedom is disruptive to them. They also want to prevent our thinking and our emotions, and our cognitive functions. ”


PCR tests damage our brain

Astrid Stuckelberger makes an interesting statement about PCR tests. She answers the questions NewsVoice asked in a previous article.

She says:

“Pushing a stick up in the nose is completely unnecessary because we can use saliva in DNA tests. That they irritate our cilia is a deliberate disturbance of our sensitive membrane.

The reason they want to poke around in that area is to access our ability to leak back, our brain, through the sensitive area that is touched at the root of the nose and behind the eyes, near the pineal gland and our brain.

If you contaminate the sensitive environment and push in something, damage occurs in that region, you have sabotaged the ability to heal and it affects aging and the possibility of a long life. ”

“One of their agendas is to access our sinus area.” … “Those who do this do not even know what they are doing. Innocent people are forced into a (harmful) protocol the same all over the world. Agenda is destruction, to depopularize, and they want to destroy those who survive. They want to sabotage our neurological functions, and make us obedient. ”

“They even want to inject nanotechnology under the skin linked to identification, a passport and a vaccine, a technology that will guide people.”

“And this so-called health expert Bill Gates, really only has knowledge in technology, not health, so of course he wants to use technology”… “They want to use technology to control people, very advanced technology”.

“The ultimate goal is to deprive people of their belief system, spirituality and humanity. They close churches. They work against our spirituality. They destroy soul care and healers. In Switzerland, ordinary doctors are allowed to practice their profession, but not those who use herbal remedies. “

“The plan is to continue and push on with even tougher repression until everyone is under total control of technology, with ID, vaccines and passports.”

“This is their goal, to control us as humanoids, transhumanists, get us chipped and full of nanotechnology. It may sound like science fiction, but we are already there. ”

“There are already electronic tattoos. I evaluate innovations in aging. There are already electronic tattoos that monitor your brain and your heart. ”

“There is much more than that. They can use implants and direct brains. This is what they do. The most important insight is the awareness that the technology they have is far more advanced than what we see today. ”

“Our mind works linearly, but the technology is exponential. This is known as Moore’s Team from the founder of Intel “, Stuckelberger continues.

Endless vaccination requirements

Astrid Stuckelberger, press photo
Astrid Stuckelberger, press photo

“This will continue indefinitely. You can already see signs of what is happening right now “ , warns Stuckelberger.

“Those who took the vaccine thought it would free them, but on the contrary, they are now claimed to be suffering from something they call mutations”… “It is now claimed that there are constantly new mutations, incorrect tests and new vaccines. Not only do they push a third vaccination that is an experimental injection, they want to force people to continue wearing masks and they want to continue to impose lockdowns and distancing ”.

“People think they should be allowed to travel, but they are forced to present ID and vaccine passports, so that they are manipulated into thinking they must continue to be vaccinated regularly and more and more checked.”

“The fact is that we see the plan, for 2031 in the government document. That document already exists. The second sign on the field is at John Hopkins University, called SPARS 2025 to 2028. “

“This will continue as long as people believe in their drama. Every single flu will turn into a new drama. They will scare people by claiming that every flu is deadly dangerous. They will claim that you are sick and will die, and people are so afraid of death. People give their lives and risk their lives, for people who lie to them. ”

“They exploit our fears and people who are fearless and who do not change will unfortunately die (prematurely).”

“I urge people to regain control of their health! Do not believe in the government. They create an uninterrupted pandemic. This is the endless pandemic. It’s the worst nightmare you can have, to live in eternal fear all your life, with endless vaccinations. It is their plan, and they carry it out right before our eyes. ”

There is growing resistance

Astrid Stuckelberger sees hope that some states in the United States have refused to impose mandatory vaccinations on people. The Council of Europe also refuses to impose compulsory vaccinations , in accordance with a resolution (2361, Council of Europe ) of 27 January 2021. Clause 7.3 states that there must be no compulsion to be vaccinated and that vaccination will never be compulsory.

Paragraph 7.3 states that all 47 Member States ensure that citizens are informed that covid 19 vaccinations are not mandatory and that no one can be pressured to be vaccinated in any way if the person does not wish to do so.

“No one should be discriminated against for not having been vaccinated because of possible health risks, or because the person simply does not want to be vaccinated.”

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Stuckelberger says that the whole system must be changed and key players must be brought to justice and prosecuted. Even all the organizations involved and their key players, such as hospital directors who have deliberately forced people into treatments that they know are fatal.

People also have to confiscate their finances and take back their money. It’s about billions. All countries have contributed money that must be taken back. Money they have earned on PCR tests, on vaccines, all the money they have earned on this, says Stuckelberger.

“We can maintain our international perspective, but we must return to our local government.”

Text and compilation: Torbjörn Sassersson and Jessica Jidholt


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