One Reply to “THE HOUSE OF CARDS BEGINS TO FALL! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Testifies, ‘Ordinary Citizens Were Shocked’!”

  1. I have followed Dr Tenpenny and her doctor friends throughout the episode we are experiencing, and respect her greatly for her intelligence, fortitude and bravery. I found it quite difficult listening to this “hearing” due to the attitude of those to whom she was speaking. The arrogance, the smugness, the efforts to demonise her reputation rather than speak to the injuries she was reporting, was so typical of the “educated” classes who have such a high opinion of themselves. She held her own brilliantly, but what determination it took. She knows of what she speaks, though, and it was interesting that none of them chose to even comment on the raft of information which has been sent to her, aside from one snide comment saying he had been injected and is still alive…… Thank you so much for all your postings. Ian is thanking you, too, I am certain!!

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