Vaxxxidents – Neurological damage – Doctor Talks #10, Dr Byram Bridle Returns

Dr. Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph returns for a very highly anticipated response and a critical, live saving update. Dr Bridle honestly and openly states that he is particularly passionate about effects of isolation policies on children. His research program focuses on the development and optimization of immunization strategies where he was commissioned by the Ontario and federal governments to generate novel COVID-19 vaccines. There are few people in a position to speak to the current events or the potential for damage than Dr Bridle. The problem now is that Dr Bridle is experiencing a steady barrage of slander, defamation and threats of assault! This is unjustified abuse at the very least, it appears to be a groupthink hive betrayal of ethics by a politicized and highly abusive system, perhaps something more sinister. As a clearly “pro-vax” voice it should be extra apparent that there is something seriously wrong when he is engaged in such a passionate attempt to open up the science publicly. He should be commended for his attempts to inform and protect people, to do no harm. He is absolutely convinced there is an extreme urgency to get the truth to the world in order to actually save lives, we should be listening when he see’s something so clearly dangerous. There is not a shred of evidence to disbelieve this man, he has always been a stalwart defender of proven, ethical, science. He is a reminder to us all of what self respect, honour, dignity and commitment to an ethical over fear approach, not currently appreciated by the profiteer’s, fear mongers, or political agenda.

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