Study on the electromagnetism of people vaccinated in Luxembourg

Scientists in Luxembourg recently decided to test COVID-vaccine social-media vaccine magnetism reports.

29/30 were magnetised…..the one that wasn’t had received the vaccine at a private clinic, and the other 29 at government clinics.

In recent months, hundreds of amateur videos have popped up everywhere on social networks featuring people who have visibly become electromagnetic following vaccination. In any case, this is what we can observe.

After many questions were asked to us by a certain number of our members on this effect of electromagnetism “supposed” appearing in the vaccinated subjects, our association made the decision to take a concrete interest in this subject, to say the least intriguing.

So is this effect real or is it just a rambling?

This survey, of a statistical and sociological nature on this “supposed” electromagnetism effect and which is in question here, raises at least and first three important questions:

  • Is it true that people have an electromagnetic effect after vaccination?
  • If so, is it true that only vaccinated individuals exhibit this effect?
  • What is actually injected into individuals under the vaccine qualification that could cause this effect?

In an attempt to answer these questions, the investigation was entrusted to one of the members of the association. This is the person responsible for dealing with demographic and sociological issues.

Presentation of the survey parameters:

For the purpose of accelerated realization, it was decided:

  • To interview a panel of 200 individuals domiciled or working in Luxembourg.
  • That this panel would be divided into 2 groups: the first would be made up of 100 individuals vaccinated in Luxembourg and the second of 100 unvaccinated individuals for comparison purposes.
  • That each of these groups should have 50 women and 50 men.
  • That only active individuals would be selected to participate in the study due to the fact that they are much more required to be vaccinated than inactive individuals.
  • That the place of the study would be the Belle-Étoile shopping center and the route d’Arlon in Strassen.
  • That the variables retained would therefore be sex, age, profession, number of injections, pharmaceutical origin of injections, date of injections, magnetic attraction, emission-reception of an electric field and the city of the respondent’s place of residence.

NB: It should also be specified that for reasons of practicality, only people wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless clothing would be interviewed.

Presentation of the method of approach and conduct of the survey:

  • The interrogator introduces himself to the individuals, presents the association, then presents the investigation:

”  Hello Madam or Sir, I apologize for disturbing you but my name is Amar, I work for the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) association and I am currently carrying out a statistical and anonymous survey on vaccinated people and unvaccinated people  living in  Luxembourg  ”…  “ This is a survey that deals with information stating that vaccinated people could exhibit electromagnetic effects and we at EFVV are investigating whether this is well the observed reality  ”.

  • The interviewer then asks the interviewees whether they are willing, knowingly, to participate in the investigation of their own accord.

”  Would you have a few minutes to give me please and would you be interested in participating in our investigation?”  “.

  • The investigator then explains to the individuals questioned the interests of the investigation and introduces the individuals to the heart of the matter by presenting them a magnet which he attaches, by magnetic effect, to a metallic object (pole, car, etc.). He then explains to the interviewees that magnets do not adhere to humans and that they adhere only to metallic objects, but that we have received information claiming that vaccinated people generate an attraction to the magnet due to precisely because they were vaccinated.
  • The investigator then asks the respondent if he or she is willing to play the game and apply the magnet to his or her shoulder, where he or she was injected.
  • When the magnet sticks to the skin at the level of the shoulder, the investigator then asks the person to stick the magnet on the other shoulder to know if the adhesion is not explained in a local iron concentration ( implant, effect of injection, etc.).
  • The investigator then asks the interviewee if he or she is willing to pass an electric field and magnetic field tester ( Meterk brand, model MK54 ) at the shoulders, explaining that information also had been reported to our association and who said that vaccinated people were also generators of electric fields.
  • The investigator continues the discussion and continues to respond, to the extent possible, to those interviewed who are interested in the experiment conducted and the results of the investigation.

Summary presentation of results for the week of study 1 st  June to 5 June 2021:

  • Only 30 vaccinated and 30 unvaccinated people were finally interviewed while the goal was to interview 100 for the first group and 100 for the second.
  • The condition of gender distribution has been respected. In each group, 15 women and 15 men were interviewed.
  • In the non-vaccinated group, out of the 30 individuals questioned, the number of people with magnet attraction is 0 (zero). The experience therefore stops there for this group.
  • In the vaccinated group, on the other hand, out of the 30 individuals questioned, 29 showed attraction to the magnet. That is, the magnet adheres to their skin without difficulty. All of them are vaccinated at the vaccinodrome.

NB  : The 30 th  person, which does not grip the magnet, has not made vaccinate vaccinodrome like any other. She was vaccinated by a nurse with whom she has worked for many years.

  • Of these 29 individuals, 22 had the magnet adhering to only one shoulder and only to the area of ​​the injection. These 22 people are the ones who received only one injection.

The 7 other people of this same group have the magnet which adheres on the two shoulders.

  • In this group called vaccinated, domiciled or working in Luxembourg, it appears that:
  • 17 received at least one injection from the Pfizer laboratory
  • 7 received at least one injection from the Astra Zeneca laboratory
  • 3 received at least one injection from the Moderna laboratory
  • 3 received the single injection of Johnson & Johnson
  • 6 received the 2 injections from the Pfizer laboratory
  • 1 received the 2 injections from the Astra Zeneca laboratory
  • 1 received the 2 injections from the Moderna laboratory
  • 2 of the individuals in this group, a nurse working at the CHL and having been one of the first to be vaccinated, and a financial analyst, presented totally abnormal electric field emissions. For the nurse, a video was even made which shows the values ​​emitted by the tester around his left shoulder. For the analyst, the values ​​issued by the tester were approximately the same but the individual abruptly ended his participation in panic.
  • Of the 30 people questioned who were part of the vaccinated group, 29 live or work in Strassen. Only 1 lives in Metz but works in Strassen.
  • It would appear that people who were vaccinated earlier in the government immunization schedule are much more electromagnetic than people who were more recently. The magnet adheres faster and holds much better than in newly vaccinated people.
  • More precise measures should be taken in relation to this last finding.

Note  : The exercise being totally destabilizing for the people questioned, at no time are they asked to apply the magnet to an area other than the shoulders. It would have been very interesting to know if the magnet also adheres to the areas of the neck, chest, forehead or legs as well as to know if other objects such as spoons, scissors and smartphones also adhere. It is not feasible in public space.

Conclusion :

It appears that vaccinated people do give off an electromagnetic field and that the earlier the individuals have been vaccinated, the more they give off a strong field. This feeling and appreciation, which is only a matter of the tactile experience when the magnet is applied and removed from the shoulder, should be verified much more precisely, on a greater number of people. of people and with much more precise devices.

It was extremely difficult to find individuals willing to participate in this rather unsettling experience.

People are interested in the experience out of curiosity and then, when they see that the magnet clings to their skin, they get skeptical at first, then suddenly they get cold. Some of them even get extremely nervous not to say that they seem to be completely in shock.

People sincerely wonder how it is possible that a magnet can adhere to their skin as easily as a magnet adheres to a metal pole.

They ask for explanations and the investigator reassures them by telling them that there must be a physical or biological explanation. They are referred to the doctor who advised them to be injected for the sake of understanding.

A lady even cried saying that she did not want to be vaccinated but that she was forced by her employer who forced her to do so on the pretext that she works in contact with customers.

In the discussions, it emerges that people do not even get vaccinated for medical or health reasons, neither out of conviction or fear of the disease but more often in the hope of returning to a normal life and being able to again travel freely.

During the exchanges, people clearly express their dismay by saying after the fact that they are taken hostage in a politico-psychosocial cycle. Many recognize that this injection is unwanted and that at no time have they been given rational explanations (according to the Oviedo convention), that is to say, an insight from the point of view of the balance between benefits and risks and explicit information about the actual composition of the vials used for injections. They then qualify, after reflection and discussion, this act as: “error, madness, escape, solution, or even blackmail”.

These are exactly the terms that came up very often in the testimonies and the notes.

Here again, a much more in-depth psychosocial investigation should be carried out on the real motivations which led these vaccinated individuals to agree to be injected. The ideal would be to be able to record and film all the conversations, the interviews and the spontaneous exchanges with the vaccinated persons in order to then analyze them.

The investigation is stopped for reasons of conscience and morals because the investigator can no longer cope with the dismay and helplessness of the people whose faces turn to stone when they realize that they have been injected with a substance they ultimately know nothing about.

The investigator, who has studied management techniques and psychosociology in the past, is very uncomfortable with these people who wonder about what is happening to them.

People turn pale, white, nervous. They put one hand towards the forehead or cross their arms while pinching their lower lip. Some people sweat from their hands because we see them wiping them on their hips or thighs.

These effects and expressions usually occur in states of anxiety, extreme stress or tension that is truly palpable and measurable.

Among the respondents, these uncontrolled physical manifestations are indicative of a deep discomfort when they realize afterwards that they have undoubtedly committed the irreparable.

The act of vaccination is, of course, an irreversible act.

In summary :

To the question, is it true that people exhibit an effect of electromagnetism after having undergone at least one act of vaccination? The answer is yes. Indeed, individuals become very electromagnetic on the injection zone at a minimum.

To the question, what is injected into individuals and which causes this effect?

We answer that it is up to the governments and authorities responsible for public health and the health of Luxembourgers to answer this question because it is they who, upstream, have taken the heavy decision to “vaccinate” healthy populations. using “vaccines” still in the experimental stage and of which, during clinical trials, all hamsters died.

We will not answer here for the responsibility of each other but it is certain that if superparamagnetic nanoparticles (magnetic beads) have entered into the composition of these said vaccines, on an experimental basis or for any reason whatsoever, while until -These were only reserved for anticancer therapies, so it is urgent to request an update, as soon as possible, from the pharmaceutical laboratories and the health authorities who have given their authorization for the implementation in the market for these injections.

It is up to toxicologists and pharmacologists who are now responsible for discovering the origins and causes of these attraction effects observed on vaccinated subjects and it is for politicians, who are responsible for the health of the citizens of this country. , to request very quickly the opening of an in-depth and public inquiry into the exact and real composition of these so-called vaccines.

PS  : 2 interesting sites and 1 working document to consult which deal with nanosolutions and ferrofluids:


Are the vaccinated really magnetized? Experiment and supply of Spike coupled with magnetic beads.

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