The Gates of Hell are Wide Open

There are people who were disappointed and surprised when the lockdown rules were extended and the mask wearing and social distancing regulations stayed in place. They are, presumably, the same naïve and ignorant souls who think all these rules and regulations are temporary and that things will soon revert to the old normal – with concerts, pubs, theatres and sporting events all catering to huge, excited, happy crowds, and the newspapers reporting news instead of providing an unremitting diet of government propaganda. They are the same innocents who think that the mask manufacturers will soon be out of business and we’ll be back to hugging friends in the street before Christmas.


Many months ago I predicted that the lockdowns and so on would never end. It was always predictable because this war is real and it’s not going to end until they have total control and those of us left have no control over anything, not even our lives or our bodies, or we have won and they are in prison.

The mistake people make is to believe what they are told, to assume that what is happening is for their protection and that when things go wrong it is a result of error or incompetence. There have been no mistakes. There has been no bald incompetence. Everything that has happened has been deliberate. Every lie and deceit has had a purpose.

The gullible believe that if they have their jabs then they’ll be allowed to go to the football again. They don’t realise that if Agenda 21 comes to full fruition there will be no football. No sports of any kind. That might not be too bad, of course. I see that the commercial partners of the Football Association in the UK include Coca Cola, Lucozade, Walkers Crisps, Snickers chocolate and McDonald’s. Difficult to think of a more unhealthy diet to promote to kids. Two footballers called Harry kane and Marcus Rashford have personal deals with Coca Cola. Must be difficult to cope financially without having advertising deals. Kane apparently sent a tweet which read: `That indescribable first taste of Coca Cola, similar to the indescribable feeling of scoring a goal’. Rashford supported this. You’d think they’d be embarrassed wouldn’t you? This is the team which takes a moral stance by half kneeling before matches and then protests if some spectators take a different position and object to their stance.

Anyway, that’s all by the by.

The point is that never before have so many people believed so many lies. Aided by an immoral and ruthless media (particularly the BBC where ignorant pseudo-journalists have plumbed new depths in the service of deceit and manipulation) frauds have been devised and perpetuated with ruthless, lethal efficiency. Now we know why the British Government clamped down on people owning guns – it wasn’t to protect the police from robbers but to protect the establishment from angry voters.

When are the mask wearing, side skipping, empty headed, doubled-jabbed dead eyed zombies going to realise that none of this will ever end. They’re living the new normal promised to us by Klaus `Anal’ Schwab, Bill Gates and Prince Charles – who, incidentally, behaves more and more like the yappy little dog he sounds as if he should be. A Prince Charles Spaniel, perhaps. It’s a new normal managed and controlled by some of the worst people the world has ever seen. Right from March 2020 I have believed that Fauci, in the United States, and Whitty in the UK have been operating not on behalf of the people they are paid to care for but by the cabal now intent on the sort of world domination previously associated with villains in James Bond films.

Unless we make things change, and defeat the forces of evil which threaten what is left of our freedom and humanity, life is never going to be as good as it was in 2019. The Gates of Hell are already wide open and zombies are streaming through. They’ve sold their bodies, their minds and their souls for the biblical mess of pottage. They wear their masks with pride; they think they look important and socially responsible. It doesn’t occur to them that they look like slaves on their way to market.

As each day goes by so we find more and more evidence showing just what our future is going to look like. They are finding new ways to kill the elderly. The success of 2020, which resulted in politicians and business leaders boasting about how much money they were saving because of all the pensions they weren’t having to pay, has encouraged more killing. Benzodiazepine tranquillisers, which I managed to get controlled in 1988, are now being used to dope and kill. It’s all legal too. And, of course who is a bit under the weather will have a Do Not Resuscitate notice stapled to their chest. Hospitals will never catch up with the millions now waiting for urgent medical or surgical treatment – and politicians, doctors and nurses don’t seem to give a damn. In the UK, over twelve million people are now awaiting treatment. Hundreds of thousands are going to die because of insane, illogical, unnecessary and entirely stupid social distancing rules in hospitals where vast sums have been wasted on the annual flu leaving the seriously ill and susceptible to die. There is much talk of hospital staff being exhausted but I fail to see why. They are seeing fewer patients, though the formation dancing is doubtless tiring. This is officially organised, medically approved genocide.

I had to visit a hospital in Wales the other day and I have to say that this one could have played the part of a septic tank without any difficulty. Citizens in the Middle Ages would have been ashamed if it had been their local hospital. But the staff were all dutifully wearing masks and they had the dead eyes of long-term mask wearers who are developing the inevitable dementia that comes with constant hypoxia and hypercapnia.

The staff and patients going into and out of the building mostly wore their masks all the time. Several kept their masks on as they drove away.

The few who removed their masks as they came out screwed them up and stuffed them into pockets or bags and doubtless pulled them back on again within minutes. One patient just tossed her mask on the ground. Two covered mouths and noses with scarves which looked as though they’d last been washed in 1973. Several patients were struggling to breathe through their masks. Most masks were filthy. People who have believed the official lies are terrified of dying – the advertised process as well as the consequence. Millions believe that if they do what they are told they will be safe and immortal, immune to the ravages of illness.

The very intensity with which they are now pushing their jabs proves that there is something truly horrid in the syringe. If you don’t have their jabs then you cannot travel abroad or sit in a cinema. Will you receive medical treatment if you’re not jabbed? Will you be able to work without a jab?

I have proved conclusively and beyond doubt that covid-19 is just the rebranded flu. The science proves that. They never pushed the ordinary flu jab with this level of intensity.

So, this is clearly something sinister.

Just what is going to happen is still a mystery – probably to them as well as us. Young women who have the experimental jab will be infertile. Tens of thousands will die in the short term, hundreds of thousands will die in the medium term and millions will die in the long term.

In some countries they are giving useless and dangerous jabs to children – though I still hope that our campaigns may cause a temporary stop to this in the UK. If the authorities fear the take-up will be low they’ll delay killing the kids to avoid embarrassment. Sorry, I meant to say jabbing, of course, though the end result isn’t much different. Those who have their children jabbed should not expect to see any grandchildren. They may not even see their children grow up.

Unwittingly, someone called Devi Sridhar helped our campaign enormously in my view. The BBC published a mealy mouthed correction to her lies but that wasn’t anywhere near good enough. Sridhar’s video of death and devil was so utterly absurd that even a half-wit could spot the flaws in it. The only question was: did she lie through ignorance and stupidity or did she do it deliberately knowing that millions of children would possibly die? Either way the BBC is equally to blame for this shameless piece of child-killing propaganda. Someone at the BBC ought to know that medical information ought to be checked by a doctor. The only thing the BBC seems to be good at is raising money. The BBC gets taxpayer money from the Government, money gouged out of innocent and gullible licence fee payers and, of course, lorry loads of cash from the Devil Incarnate Foundation. No, whoops, mistake. It’s from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Any so-called fact checker which didn’t pick up Sridhar and the BBC is clearly bent and can be ignored. For the record, I didn’t see a single fact checker anywhere in the world which shone a spot light on this egregious example of crooked propaganda. What else have these people done wrong? My video condemning this deeply offensive garbage was, of course, duly hidden and suppressed by heartless people who hate children and old people because it contained too many truths. For over a year now mainstream media has ruthlessly suppressed the truth and replaced it with pseudoscientific rubbish. Governments like to say they are following the science but that’s another lie, of course. They aren’t in the same universe as the truth. For many the only future option on offer is suicide. But that’s what the cabal wants, of course. More deaths.

For the first time in history people are being encouraged to become hypochondriacs. Anyone who develops dandruff, pimples or athletes foot subsequent to a positive PCR test is automatically diagnosed as suffering from ‘long covid’. `Take a year off at the taxpayers’ expense and attend a special clinic where you will be given help denied, for example, to those who have become addicted to prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or painkillers.’

It is a basic principle of our identity and freedom as human beings that we can question authority, rules, orders, laws, regulations and so on. If we don’t have that right then we aren’t free and we have lost our identity as free men. We are slaves.

And the rest of the media is just as disgraceful, of course. The Daily Telegraph had a headline which read ‘Scrap school Covid tests, says Oxford jab pioneer’.

Brilliant, I thought though I ought to have known better because the Daily Telegraph is, like the Daily Mail, to newspapers what the Spice Girls are to opera.

And then I read the rest of the story. In the fourth paragraph I found this: Professor Sir Andrew Pollard who led the Oxford vaccine programme, warned that mass testing was leading to such huge disruption in schools that it might be worth vaccinating youngsters in order to stop the chaos.’

Well, bollocks to Pollard is my new slogan. It’s like a bullet and landmine manufacturer recommending that we have more wars.

Talking of jibby jab nonsenses did you see that people who want to go and see Bruce Springstein in the USA can’t go if they had the Astra Zeneca poison?

The Astra Zeneca (promoted as offering free blood clots with every jab) isn’t accepted because it’s not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

I warned right at the start that the morons and cretins who sold their souls so that they could travel would find that they would have difficulties getting into the USA if they had the Astra Zeneca. And so it seems. I can’t help smiling at the thought of all those who had the wrong gunk injected into their bodies. I wonder what Peter Hitchens had…

Meanwhile, the confusion is everywhere. Medical expert Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber says that people can’t get covid in theatres. “Theatres are completely safe,” says the theatre owner, “and the virus is not carried there”. Maybe it’s because the virus can’t afford the ticket price.

The BBC’s favourite sporting venue, Wimbledon, seems surprisingly capable of allowing huge numbers of people in to watch the tennis while pubs and wedding venues are limited to two men and a dog. The Government in the UK allowed 12,000 people a day to go to Ascot for an elite day at the races. No masks in France for the Tour de France.

The G7 crowd hugged and had a barbecue and enjoyed wonderful weather – which changed as soon as the delegates had all buggered off somewhere else. This was reportedly OK because they were all important people and I assume that important people cannot get covid unless their popularity ratings are falling and they want to pretend to have it to get some sympathy support.

UEFA, which is apparently some sort of football body, says that 2,500 officials must be allowed into London for the final of last year’s 2020 football tournament which, confusingly still seems to be taking place – or else they’ll move the final to Hungary. And there was me thinking a football match just needed one referee and two linespersons. I wonder what the other 2,497 officials do.

Patrick Henningsen’s 21st Century Wire reports that Ireland has banned seniors from travelling anywhere until they take the second dose of the experimental jab. Presumably they won’t be allowed to come back from wherever they’ve been until they’ve had a third jab or died.

And there’s another rumour that airlines have opened talks on banning the vaccinated from flying because of the risk of blood clots and deaths. Not many aeroplanes have enough room in the fridge for more than one dead body.

There’s a rumour that four British Airways pilots died though we’re told they didn’t die of the vaccine, of course, though sensible passengers might like to pack parachutes in their on-board luggage.

A report I’ve seen from the World Obesity Federation suggests that not one country with less than 40% of its population overweight had a problem with covid-19. Only old age was a higher risk factor. Didn’t see much about that on the BBC.

A study I believe like I believe in the tooth fairy says that more than half the people in the UK who were firmly against the covid-19 jab have submitted and have now been duly vaccinated. I’m waiting for a survey that tells me I’ve been selected to play for England in last year’s eurofootball.

William Rees-Mogg says Madge Hancock, the UK health supremo, is a successful genius which left me looking up ‘successful’ and ‘genius’ in the dictionary to see if they’d changed the definitions.

A UK government advisor called Professor Andrew Hayward says that opening up the country too soon will result in a substantial third wave. That was a big surprise. Actually, I thought we’d already had a third wave and I’m rather losing count. Maybe we’re going to have a lot of third waves.

That’s what they’re saying.

My contribution to this debate is that anyone who obeys the Government is a traitor. Mask wearing, jabbed zombies are our enemy as much as the constantly evil drug companies, the politicians and the media. I no longer have sympathy for their ignorance and gullibility and willingness to sacrifice everything to obey. The sympathy has been replaced with utter contempt. The mask wearers will develop a whole range of nasty disorders. The jabbed fools will die of their gullibility. They look and walk like the zombies they have become. The evil are amongst us. They have agreed to the jab and they have taken it. They threaten our very existence.

The simple truth is that no one has to wear a mask.

I don’t even wear a disability lanyard – they’re too reminiscent of yellow stars sewn on jackets. There is no law that says I have to wear a mask, and if anyone questions me I just tell them I am legally exempt from wearing a mask. I sometimes add that I don’t need a mask because I have a brain, though this sometimes results in discussions. I have some success with telling enquirers that I am wearing one of the new invisible masks. The mask wearers all have early dementia as a result of their oxygen shortage so they tend to believe me.

Finally, I don’t believe they can make their experimental jabs compulsory. You can’t force people to take part in an experiment without breaking international law and breaching many laws about discrimination. If your employer tells you that you need to be jabbed ask them for a letter confirming the instruction and accepting full legal liability for anything that might happen now or in the future. If they are wise they will back down. Alternatively, consult a lawyer and wait for your employer to dismiss you.

Warnings about compulsory experimental jabs are merely part of the scare process.

And that’s the only thing they’re really, really good at.

Scaring people.

These are days of terror and intimidation.

Vernon Coleman’s analysis of how and why we got into this mess – and what will happen next – appears in his latest book Endgame which is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.


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