Brave doctor Nadyia Popel documents all the irregularities that are being committed in her hospital

Translated from Spanish.

Original Source with Videos:

After reading the document that they have sent us with all the accusations that the brave doctor Nadyia Popel makes against the Matéu Orfila Hospital in Menorca where she works, we can only say: Bravo for her and bravo for her bravery!

The document leaves no room for doubt and reveals an infinity of irregularities that are being committed under the guise of the virus and vaccines, revealing, among other things, the vast majority of cowardly colleagues in their profession, except honorable exceptions.

What is denounced is of such seriousness that if there really were justice in Spain, it would have to act ex officio with everything that is brought to light in that document. Attentive because they are going to give them the creeps.

Addressed to the Staff Board of the Matéu Orfila Hospital, Menorca, Balearic Islands 


I, Nadiya Popel, with ID 41638901ª, FEA of Emergencies of the Matéu Orfila Hospital in the presence of the Hospital Board, including the union representatives, denounce the serious irregularities that are happening at the moment in the Hospital and in every health area of ​​Menorca . The irregularities are: 

  1. Concealment from the population of the side effects of experimental anti-COVID vaccines. 
  2. Concealment of the fact that vaccines are experimental, Phase III clinical trial. The clinical trial ends in 2023. 
  3. Hiding toxic compounds in vaccines like SM-102, chloroform. 4. Concealment that anti-COVID vaccines produce genetic damage with DNA breakage and changes in the human genome. 
  4. Non-compliance with 30 articles of the Medical Code of Ethics. 
  5. Non-fulfillment of the Hippocratic Oath. 
  6. Do not give information about the magnetization in the injection areas of the anti-COVID vaccines and throughout the body in the vaccinated. 
  7. Non-compliance with the Nuremberg Code on experimentation on humans. 9. Failure to assign a doctor and a nurse to carry out / follow up on this clinical trial. 
  8. Failure to obtain informed consent before the procedure / or incomplete informed consent. 
  9. Not taking responsibility and not following up on the people affected. 12. Politicization of medicine. 
  10. Not heeding my repeated warnings of the danger of COVID vaccines and not conducting a thorough investigation. 
  11. Do not convene a scientific debate on the subject or assign an urgent research team. 
  12. Violating my fundamental rights of the Spanish constitution to free expression and demonstration. 
  13. Giving incorrect guidelines on the handling of this socio-sanitary situation 17. Violating the law on the protection of personal data by using people’s personal telephone numbers to call them at home, without their having requested it. Repeat calls up to 4 times. 
  14. Hiding deaths from COVID vaccines. 
  15. Failure to perform autopsies in deceased persons affected by the iatrogenicity of vaccines. 
  16. Breach of the Oviedo Convention. 

 I demand 

  1. Immediate suspension of the administration of COVID vaccines. 2. Immediate reinstatement of my person at work so that I can be part of a scientific committee to investigate and monitor the affected people. 3. Formation of an urgent scientific committee on COVID vaccines.
  2. Urgent communication to the population of the iatrogenic situation of anti-COVID vaccines 
  3. Information on the toxic compounds of COVID vaccines and their mechanism of action. 
  4. Carrying out autopsies in the deceased suspected of iatrogenesis with special attention to the brain (contains nanoparticles) 
  5. The urgent search for the reversal / neutralization of the harmful effects of anti-Covid vaccines 
  6. Report incorrect protocols. 
  7. Dissemination of information to the population on gene therapies 10. Dissemination of information on the use of nanopaticules in vaccines against COVID 11. Dissemination of the content of graphene in vaccines against COVID 12. Apologize to the population for forgetting the ethical principles of medicine and choosing blind obedience to political interests. 

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