Vienna: ‘Up to 50 people per day collapse after vaccination’

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Vienna: ‘Up to 50 people per day collapse after vaccination’

Up to 50 people are said to have collapsed at a vaccination centre over the weekend after a Johnson & Johnson vaccination. 


The Austria Center Vienna (Donaustadt) is of crucial importance for the city’s vaccination strategy. Around 5000 Viennese are vaccinated against the Corona here every day. But unfortunately there are always side effects. An Impfstrasse employee told Austrian daily Heute that around 50 people per day collapsed last weekend. Almost all of them had previously received a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Younger people were particularly affected; Johnson & Johnson is used from the age of 18. The city confirmed this, but spoke of “30 to 40” people affected for the whole weekend. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that “a few” collapse after the vaccination. That is why the rest period after vaccination is said to be important. The paramedics of the Samaritan Association were then instructed to pay particular attention to “young and slim” people.

The reason is that these people in particular drink and eat too little before the vaccination. The city is now distributing water and gummy bears.

The vaccine, however, is not to blame, they claimed. Especially in the summer heat, it is important not to be dehydrated and hypoglycemic to the vaccination, a spokesman for City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) said on Twitter.

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