The BBC Employs 22,000 Traitors

A BBC employee has apparently complained because a brave and honest man in the street called him a traitor.

I gather that some sort of court case is likely to ensue.

I fear the BBC staff who complain when they are called traitors are rather mistaken – anyone who works for the BBC is a traitor.

Since there are 22,000 people on the BBC payroll – plus an enormous number of part-timers, freelancers and guests – there are at least 22,000 traitors working there. If you work for an organisation which has proved itself to be treacherous then you are, by definition, guilty of treachery; you are a traitor. Those who chose to join the Nazi party could hardly claim innocence when the courts started beckoning. BBC staffers were not conscripted or forced to work for the world’s most evil propaganda machine; they chose to work for a corporation suppressing truths and causing deaths.

If the BBC staff members who find this offensive were to buy themselves a dictionary they’d find that a traitor is someone who betrays people or a principle.

And since the BBC has repeatedly betrayed the public and its own charter – to provide honest, independent news – then they are all traitors.

I have many times shown just how the BBC’s thousands of pseudo journalists have bent the evidence and helped promote downright lies.

For example, the BBC boasts that it deliberately refuses to provide the public with the truth about vaccines. What’s that if not a betrayal of trust and charter? Therein is the proof that the BBC is a propaganda unit and not a news organisation.

It is my considered opinion that every BBC employee is a traitor.

UK Prime Minister was apparently shocked that a BBC employee should be treated badly by a member of the public.

Johnson said: `all journalists should be able to carry out their work without intimidation or impediment’.

Well, that’s a fine thought, Mr Johnson.

How about applying the same rule to those of us who have been telling the truth since the start of this fraud?

We have been abused, lied about, intimidated, impeded, demonised, monstered, libelled and suppressed.

We have been denied all access to the BBC – which has refused to debate the issues or to share the facts with the public.

So-called journalists who continue to work for the BBC and mainstream media can expect much worse than being called traitors.

They are going to be arrested, tried and imprisoned for helping to promote the biggest fraud in history.

So, I repeat, everyone who is still working for the BBC is a traitor to the country, a traitor to the public and a traitor to the corporation’s original charter.

Please remember: don’t give money to the BBC. Don’t break the law, of course, but don’t pay the BBC licence fee.

Giving money to the BBC today is as unforgiveable as it would have been to give money to Hitler during World War II.

And that’s no exaggeration.

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