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  1. When to the lies ever quit? The come to murder, have even antivax doctor\’s claim it\’s \”gene therapy\” then some are now saying no it\’s just murder. But it\’s not 1st degree murder if the ignorant are doing jabs. Is it 2nd or 3rd degree? They do need to get some kind of education on accidentally killing people from authorized establishment. Some I feel don\’t care since the establishment is authorizing….they need the money so if triage killings legal, that\’s what doctor\’s did in WW2 etc….Killing is said to be legal in times of war. The fact they don\’t declare a war can be lied about also. The level of this war is what the planet is all about and doctor\’s have to get to that part. The vampires. Many doctor\’s working in those dozens of levels under hospitals, probably all the big hospitals go down two dozen and more levels in the basements connected to the vampires and the organ harvesting…..How would they not know? One engineer that building out 14 levels under Torrance Harbor UCLA hospital said they run the city from down there. Anyone not in their liars club, \”goes down there ain\’t coming back up\”.

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