Bruce Cockburn “and They Call it Democracy”

Canadian singer / songwriter Bruce Cockburn performs his classic song “Call It Democracy” live on Canadian Television. In it, he characterizes the International Monetary Fund as a global parasitic banking oligarchy bent on reducing the 3rd world to poverty stricken heaps while pocketing the wealth for the developed Western Nations. Recent developments in economies Iceland and Greece have shown the IMF and World Bank at work and have revealed that they have sucked the 3rd world dry and are now moving to new territory. The world now watches as Greece, the birthplace of democracy, is struck with deadly riots as a result of the IMF bailout. Generations of Socialism have reduced these proud people to austerity measures the will result in economic slavery of future generations. This song was written in 1985, 25 years before the current crisis, but it is a scene played out many times before. If we don’t take heed and eliminate the world banking elite, they will suck us dry too.

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