Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution For Mass Murder

by The Bernician

Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution For Mass Murder

Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution by the Trustees of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB], alleging mass murder by UK Government policy, which will be served by recorded mail and email upon Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care, can be read in full at the PDF linked below.

Notice of Intended Criminal Prosecution

Following many painstaking months of evidence gathering, the prosecution has posed the most serious kind of questions which could ever be asked of government ministers, in relation to the ever-growing abundance of prima facie evidence, which shows that Midazolam has been used to commit murder by government policy in UK care homes, under the cover of ‘a deadly pandemic’.

However, in the absence of an appropriate and timely rebuttal of our allegations with material evidence [not mere hearsay], we will finalize our evidence files and lay charges of mass murder by government policy in a Magistrates Court, demanding that every chief police officer immediately opens an investigation into all care home deaths since March 2020.

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  1. I expect you’ve considered this from many angles, but if crimes against humanity can be substantiated, then any court in the world has jurisdiction under the Nuremberg treaty. This stops the CPS taking over and then dropping your prosecution (public interest) and of course if you chose Texas for example, then the death penalty is a factor and given the one sided extradition treaty we have
    with the USA, that should not be an issue either.
    Given their behaviour over the lockdown period, do you trust the police to investigate properly. I am sure you will know that bodies were cremated with indecent haste with no post mortems conducted (Of course it was COVID, right ?)
    Also a number of states were forced by a court ruling to stop using Midazolam for executions by lethal injection because it could not be shown that prisoners did not experience excessive pain !

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