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Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All?

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers,

Last year once I realized that the Covid campaign was a fear campaign and not a scientific or medical campaign, I understood that the operating agenda was not a public health agenda. It became clear that there was a profit agenda and also a control agenda in which civil liberties and their legal and constitutional protections were being cast aside.

Source… https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/08/22/could-it-be-a-population-reduction-plot-after-all/

Having studied at four top universities in days gone by when education, not propaganda, was education’s purpose, I am able to comprehend most scientific reports sufficiently to understand the gist of the reports, but in the case of Covid when in doubt I rely on  virologists and medical school professors to vet or correct my conclusions.  Having had famous professors including Nobel prize winners who were mocked in their earlier years by establishment opinion and having myself experienced resistance to my own innovative scholarship, I was aware that truth is often rejected until opponents are simply overwhelmed by the evidence. For my Oxford University professor, Michael Polanyi, a physical chemist, it took a half century for his theory of chemical absorption to win over Einstein’s disapproval. In the meantime a number of his students had won the Nobel prize in science. E.P. Wigner in physics. Melvin Calvin in chemistry. His son John Polanyi in chemistry.  Michael Polanyi was the most intelligent and civilized person I have ever known. He would certainly be disheartened to see the disregard of evidence in universities and media today and by public authorities.

Experiencing the Covid Deception, I am alarmed that today evidence itself has lost its authority.  Throughout the Western World, agendas take precedence over truth.  This is most certainly the case with Covid-19.

We are living under a Covid policy that has no evidence whatsoever in its support.  Lacking any evidence for the ruling policy, suppression of the actual facts is the operating principle.  The utterly corrupt public health authorities, dumbshit ignorant politicians, and scum presstitutes repeat lies over and over, relying on constant repetition to turn the lie into truth.  The vast bulk of the world’s population, lacking the education and energy to think for itself, is satisfied to have the media tell them what to think.

The public health authorities, dumbshit politicians, and scum presstitutes censor the scientists and doctors who actually understand the health challenge and know what to do to get it under control, thus preventing information other than the controlled narrative from reaching the public.

Here is the known information that is suppressed:

The Covid vaccine does not protect against acquiring Covid, nor does it prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus.

The Covid Vaccine has massive adverse effects and is on course to cause more illnesses and deaths than Covid. Among the adverse effects are infertility and spontaneous abortion.

The vaccine trains the virus to evolve variants that escape the immune response.

The lethality of the Covid virus has been massively overstated.

The number of Covid cases were massively overstated by a defective PCR test.

The outbreak of new cases ascribed to the Delta variant are worst in the countries with the most heavily vaccinated populations.

Known cures such as HCQ and Ivermectin are intentionally blocked from use by official protocol.

Large numbers of top level scientists and doctors are calling for a halt to Covid vaccination.  These calls are suppressed by the scum presstitutes and ignored by official authorities.

Why?  Is it just profit?  Is it just control?  Or is there a darker agenda?

Despite the known, clear, and incontestable failure of the vaccine to protect against infection and its known dangers, the authorities are pushing forward with more vaccination.  This makes no sense whatsoever.  Why have the authorities  secured the cooperation of US employers, military, hospitals, and police forces to mandate Covid vaccination?

Why are public authorities using both government and the private sectors to coerce vaccination when the public authorities are fully aware that vaccination does not protect, but causes health injuries and deaths and spreads the virus?

Why is there no public debate about the serious threat that the Covid protocol presents to the world’s population?

How did scientific and medical truth become a “conspiracy theory”?

Today August 22 is a Sunday.  Take an hour off the golf course, an hour off watching some sports event, an hour off whatever else you do to waste your time and remain ignorant and exploitable, and instead spend it watching the address by Dr. Simone Gold of Frontline Doctors to an educated audience.

Dr. Simone Gold is intelligent, compassionate, and overflowing with a sense of responsibility toward us.  This most remarkable woman is what I remember once was the ideal American, the person we all wanted to be.

Dr. Gold’s presentation dates back to the beginning of this year.  Everything that she suspected at the time but refused to assert as fact has been proven to be true.

Note that Dr. Gold stresses throughout her address the experimental status of the vaccine and the unprecedented use of an experimental, unapproved vaccine on the entire world population.   Billions of people injected with we know not what.  The immorality of such a mass inoculation  of an untested and unapproved experimental vaccine is a charge that the corrupt public health authorities intend to escape by granting the still untested vaccines  full approval not only  before the required tests are conducted but in the face of the vaccine’s failure. The illegitimate corrupt President of the United States is serving as a hired voice both for pharmaceutical profits and a secret agenda.

Expect the ineffectual and extremely dangerous vaccine to be granted approval any day as an answer to Dr. Gold’s emphasis on its unapproved experimental status and as reassurance to the vaccine-hesitant that the extremely dangerous vaccine is safe.

Here is Dr. Gold’s presentation:


Source… https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/08/22/could-it-be-a-population-reduction-plot-after-all/

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