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  1. Hello.

    Congratulations on filing your lawsuit. I imagine that the preparation of that 391-page document was a mammoth task.

    But, having skimmed through it, I have to say that it badly needed an editor. I fear that its standard of presentation may cause it to be taken less seriously than you would wish.

    An editor could have cut out the verbiage, corrected the typos, and improved the punctuation. The result would have been shorter, sharper, and more businesslike.

    Just one example: you can’t decide whether the late Mrs Woolman was “Jaqueline” or “Jacqueline”. You use both spellings multiple times. Sometimes you use both on the same page. It looks disrespectful to her, as if you couldn’t be bothered to find out which is correct (which I am sure is not true), and it will help to make you look like amateurs in the eyes of the court. Details matter.

    But good luck.

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