Irish Mothers Letter to Irish Doctors

DEAR IRISH DOCTORS (Those whom have been complicit),
How can we ever trust you again? Over the past 18 months vast swathes of you have abandoned your ethics and principles. If indeed you had them to dispose of in the first instance. After all you no longer take the hippocratic oath; and the underpinnings of your profession are economically driven as opposed to altruistically care driven. Unconscionable action and INACTION have marked you out as people who would be more deserving right now of prison jumpsuits than white coats. That white coat once evoked unremitting respect from us lay people. Now we know that white coat should be covered in B!g P-h@rm-a logos to show exactly where your loyalties lie.
How many of you have benefited from the 9 million in “perks” that Irish doctors and pharmacists recieved from B!g P-h@rm-a in 2020? How much have each of you made from !nj3ct!ng people with exper!ment@l technology (including children)? How much have each of you made from P(R referrals, or classifying deaths in a manner hitherto never seen prior to this “p@ndem!c”?
How many of you have !nj3cted copious amounts of m!daz0l@m into patients?And in doing so not just aided their passing, but CAUSED it and subsequently listed those deaths as C0v!d.
How many of you have administered Remd3sv!r without bothering to look at the potentially dangerous consequences of doing so after a particular point in the course of the v!ru5?
What number of you suppressed cheap and effective !vermect!n on the instruction of politicians and policy makers? Who are really working on behalf of Big P-h@rm-a (court documents show B!g P-h@rm-a was in “direct control of the HS E” during 2010 sw!ne f!u v@((!ne rollout, and last year the HS E received a corrupt and illegal payment in 2020, and 62 % of Irish GDPR comes from B!g P-h@rm-a). The rollout of a profit making cond!t!onally author!sed v@((!ne cannot legally happen if there is another treatment approved. If I know these facts, it is likely “clever” doctors like you do too.
How many of you have !nj3cted people without providing enough info for them to give !nf0rmed c0nsent? The truth is no one, not even any of you can give !nf0rmed consent because the long term side effects are simply not fully known. Yet many of you have been !nj3ct!ng under 18’s, in many cases without parental c0nsent, never mind
“!nform3d c0nsent” from underage patients (who simply cannot comprehend the potential long term consequences of submitting to being !nj3cted with a novel gene therapy).
How many of you !nject3d pregnant women, not knowing the pre or post natal effects on their babies? Not knowing how many babies would be miscarried? When in the past you have refused pregnant women decades old, well studied and safe pain relief, antibiotics and other medical treatment, because that would be unethical, in the same way prior to 2020 it was seen as unethical to have pregnant women take part in medical trials. How many of you have presupposed that pregnant women and their babies need c0v!d v@((!nes, yet have not informed women of strep B risk to babies? Which can be fatal and deaths can easily preventable with a simple, safe and cheap test. How many of you have advocated for awareness or testing regarding THIS issue… to save lives? Or is there no money in that?
How many of you know that animals in previous M R N@ in vitro c0r0n@ v!ru5 trials developed infertility issues? How many of you also know that all animals in these trials subsequently died when they came into contact with wild c0r0n@ v!ru5e5? How many of you know that this time the animal trials were skipped in favour of human beings becoming the guinea pigs? If you DON’T know these facts, WHY don’t you know?
How many of you have independently reviewed the data available from B!g P-h@rm-a, or are u even capable of doing so (because of your clear conflicts of interest)? How many of you have stopped to think about the veracity of the info being provided by feder@lly convicted criminal p-h@rm-a companies, whose history would make even the biggest drug cartels seem small fry. Have you any problem with the fact that you are pushing experimental products for those heavily fined for falsifying trials and bribing doctors? (as recently as July 2021 in the case of P£!zer). And is it lost on you that the sales of their heart med!cat!ons and blood th!nners have hit record highs? Does it strike you as at all worrying that the FD^ fast tracked and approved the first ever blood th!nning med!cat!on for children this year, and that never before was this needed for children generally? How many of you have had the discernment to query the safety of !nject!ng pat!ents with v!als which come with little or no v@((!ne inserts? How many of you have lied to your patients, telling them they will absolutely die of c0v!d if they do not submit to taking these v@((!nes?
How many of you have denied exemption letters to your pat!ents regarding facemasks? From sexual abuse survivors who struggle with PTSD flashbacks when a mask is placed over their mouth (like a hand may have been during an attack) to asthma sufferers and many human beings inbetween, whose rights are being denied by your refusal. How many of you have stood by while children are masked, affecting them developmentally, emotionally and physically? How many of you have taken 60 euro off people for a five minute consultation on the phone? Which is about as honest and effective as a car mechanic fixing your car by the same method. How many cancers, he@rt attacks, blood c10ts and the like have you missed due to closing your doors during this time? And how many v@((!ne related heart att@cks, str0kes, blood c1ots and indeed deaths are u not reporting in order to save your own skin (because you !nj3cted unwitting people).
How many of you have allowed people to die alone, or had them sw@bbed in their final moments? How many of you allowed pall!ative “care” to be administered and pushed
D NR orders to be rolled out on a wide scale, in place of c0v!d treament? What have you to say about your treatment of our beloved elderly, who were also denied human contact and quality of life (which arguably matters more than quantity in a person’s final days). Locked up like death row prisoners in their final months, under the shitty, distasteful claim that it was for their protection. That was not your right to choose that for them, nor the government’s or Nph3t’s right. These people were adults who were entitled to choice over what happened to them. What happened to them was no different to locking up young women and children during the times of the Mother and Baby homes. That was for their own good too, right? As was stated at the time.
Those elderly people were entitled to their rights being wholly unaffected by whatever well intentioned (or otherwise) measures that were put in place. Just like the rest of us are entitled to our rights being wholly unaffected now. On that note how many of you will follow the decision of Milltown Medical Practice, Co Kerry and deny medical treatment to people who refuse to be c0erced into a med!cal experiment? (But they regret any inconvenience caused, so that’s ok). How many denied patients will be children, despite the fact that the risk of the v@((!nes outweighs the risk of the V!rus (with the latest UK university study showing 2 in a million children die of c0v!d). How many of you will see children with defective hearts pass through your doors in time? And how many of those defective hearts will you of had a hand in
Finally, how many of you will look into your own hearts. Or look into your own minds, and examine what lies within. Someday I believe you will be forced to do so. You will have to answer for what can only be described as crimes against humanity. Your own freedom will be taken too, as a result of what you have done, or failed to do. If this is not by means of a prison cell, it will be as part of the world of uber control that your immutable hubris helped to create for you and your own families, and that you WILL regret, I assure you.

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