Four workers from the State Meteorological Agency confessed that planes are spreading lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite throughout Spain

That of Spain was the first Western government to officially include the ‘chemtrail’ in its Official Gazette. The Spanish Ministry of Health authorized the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) units of the Armed Forces and also the UME to use biocides from the air. A month after the state of alarm was imposed, the Executive justified in the BOE that this technique is one of the “most effective” against the coronavirus since with “nebulization, thermal fogging and micronebulization techniques, all surfaces with speed”.


The Executive also justified that the aforementioned units “have personal means, materials, procedures and sufficient training to carry out air disinfection, since they are operations that they carry out regularly, with the exception that instead of using biocidal products they do so with other decontaminating chemicals ”.

On May 19, 2015, MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (ALDE) announced in the European Parliament that four workers from the State Meteorological Agency had confessed that Spain is being sprayed entirely from planes that spread lead dioxide through the atmosphere. , silver iodide and diatomite. The objective, according to the same MEP, would be to ward off the rains and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summery climatic environment for tourism and, at the same time, helps corporations in the agricultural sector. This, in turn, is producing cold drops of great intensity.

The Region of Murcia, the Valencian Community and the province of Almería are being the most affected, to the point that not a drop of rainwater falls in more than seven months, catastrophic cold drops are generated, and they are caused respiratory diseases to the population by inhaling lead dioxide and other toxic compounds. The San Javier military airport in Murcia is being used for the take-off of these planes.

Tremosa asked the European Commission to take a position on the matter.


Chemtrails are chemostellae or chemtrails that can be seen in the sky. Many people have believed that these long-lasting contrails left by airplanes at high altitudes are actually “chemtrails” consisting of chemical or biological agents sprayed by airplanes for undisclosed purposes to citizens. The purpose of chemical release could be solar radiation management, weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, or biological or chemical warfare. The stelae are also claimed to cause respiratory illnesses and other health problems.


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