Pfizer patent approved for tracking vaccinated humans worldwide via microwave and graphene held in fatty tissues of the vaccinated

This Pfizer patent application was approved August 31st, 2021, and is the very first patent that shows up in a list of over 18500 for the purpose of remote contact tracing of all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are now connected to the “internet of things” by a quantum link of pulsating microwave frequencies of 2.4 gHz or higher from cell towers and satellites directly to the graphene oxide held in the fatty tissues of all persons who’ve had the death-shot.

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  2. Or you just have a cold/flu infection (which “covid” is)Thanks for your instructions, much appreciated!

  3. In my understanding Gal Ehrlich owns this patent, not Pfizer. And after a brief look at the documents provided I haven’t seen Pfizer mentioned anywhere. Could you explain this..?

  4. This is a patent for a contact tracing Web App similar to the Bluetooth Card that was proposed. Cannot see anything about Pfizer nor graphene? Have you quoted the right patent?

  5. Clickbait title. Read the patent. It’s for a phone app. So sad this website has to resort to false click bait titles that spread bad or misleading information. Yes, we’re all concerned about what’s in the jab, but this is not a way to bring conspiracy to life (although we expect some sort of tracking to come from the jab).

  6. There’s no reference in this patent to any of these:
    Pfizer (other than appearing once in a lost of all vaccine companies)

    It is also used for assessment of who to treat during a breakthrough case. There’s no mention at all of using it to track vaccinated people outside this purpose.

  7. it is not an app it is from a satelite tham zooms on you through 2.4g and higher. the wording on the patent is somewhat veiled claiming that this had a health related purpose but it is evident that it is simply tracing people and give them a score

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