Survive the Great Reset and Stand in your Sovereign Power – with Sovereign Pete

Brought to you for free by Awakening Nation. Opt in to our community and make a donation to support our work by visiting: If you need personal support and guidance during these turbulent times, visit ABOUT THIS EPISODE: This is a jam packed episode where we cover A LOT (I can’t apologise this is a HUGE area!). I interview Sovereign Pete, founder of and the author of The System: Death by a Thousand Cuts:… At this moment in time, regaining your sovereignty is probably *the most important thing* that we need to learn to do to survive The Great Reset. We need to know our rights, feel our rights and learn to stand in our rights. It’s not just about intellectualising this stuff. It’s about feeling this stuff in our hearts. Pete explains that the key aspect to sovereignty is understanding contract law (please don’t glaze over!). Everything is offer and acceptance. But we are never told this and treated as illiterate. We are treated by the state as legal minors and plebs (and Pete explains where the term pleb comes from). What you’ll discover amongst other things: – what mandate really means – why we are treated as legal minors – how EVERYTHING is CONTRACT – language fraud and deception – why legislation does not apply to you – why you should be laughing all the way to the bank if you’re being threatened by your employer with jab or no job Plus a whole lot more! Listen up closely and start doing more research.

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