Dr. Paul Offit is lying to us about myocarditis rates

For teen boys, vaccines are more likely, not less likely, to kill you or give you myocarditis. Here’s the proof.

Steve Kirsch

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The New York Times recently reported that Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and member of the FDA outside advisory committee for vaccines, said that COVID-19 is much more likely to cause myocarditis than the vaccine.

He’s lying. It’s the exact oppositeThe FDA and CDC committee members are all misinformed and clueless just like our friend Paul. We know that because hospitals are filling up with kids who are vaccine injured. That never happened before we had vaccine rollouts for kids.

But you don’t have to believe me because now the proof is in plain sight thanks to one slide Pfizer mistakenly showed at the last FDA meeting.

All my data sources for this proof are the CDC and The NY Times and that one Pfizer slide.

The bottom line: if you want to protect your kids, you need to stop believing the bullshit advice from the CDC now about the vaccines being safe and effective. You should not vaccinate them. Period. Full stop. Nobody should be taking these vaccines. If you get COVID, treat it with an early treatment protocol like the one developed by Fareed and Tyson. You will avoid hospitalization, death, long-haul COVID. These treatments will not kill or injure you.

The incompetence displayed by the committee members with regards to their myocarditis claims also applies to other adverse events like death.

Your child is more likely to die from the vaccines than be saved by them. By more than a factor of 10. So vaccinating kids is nonsensical. See Toby Rogers analysis as one example. I used a different method but also found more than a factor of 10 as well. Nobody on the FDA or CDC committees wants to talk about it. None of them return my calls or emails.

While we are at it, the CDC’s pregnancy advice was flawed too. Read this post for details. Like I said, nobody should take these vaccines. Nobody.

The myocarditis analysis

Let’s take the simple example of the myocarditis guidance from the CDC and the committees. I’m proving myocarditis because the proof is straightforward. It doesn’t require any leap of faith.

Let’s look at 16 year old boys so we can compute some concrete numbers using trusted data sources to see if Offit’s myocarditis claim is true or false.

Calculation #1: Compute the rate of myocarditis after COVID in teens using data from the NY Times data

We use a COVID catch rate of 37 cases per 100,000 per week. We use a myocarditis incident rate of 2.3%. Both numbers are from the NY Times. So multiplying that out for 6 months (which is 24 weeks) we get 37*24*.023=20.4 cases per 100,000 in 6 months or 204 case per million over 6 months. Easy peasy.

Here are the screen shots from the two NY Times articles to save you some time:

Calculation #1: Compute the rate of myocarditis after the vaccine using data from the CDC

For the Pfizer vaccine, we have 76.7 cases per million vaccinated male teens from John Su’s chart (see slide 13). This is caused by the vaccine and the vaccines last 6 months so it’s a total amount over 6 months. Just 77 cases per million over 6 months. This is a very conservative estimate since it is based only on reports in the first 7 days and we know these myocarditis cases can show up much later than the first 7 days.

OK, so it “looks” like Paul was right, doesn’t it? 204 > 77.

Do we have egg on our face? No. We just need to call Peter Falk.

Columbo enters the room and just as Paul Offit is about to walk out of the room, he says to Paul, “Listen, just one more thing…”

Just one more thing: Use the Pfizer data presented at the October 26 FDA meeting to adjust the URF

Here’s the slide from the Pfizer presentation at the October 26, 2021 VRBPAC meeting. This slide shows, without a doubt, that VAERS is underreporting myocarditis cases by at least a factor of 5 since Optum healthcare reported 106 events compared to the 22 events from VAERS (while this is only a ratio of 4.8, none of these healthcare databases are fully reported so I rounded up to at least 5).

As we’ve said before, VAERS is underreported by more than 41, but that would require you believe me. For this one, you do not have to believe me at all. You just look at Pfizer’s slide and compare 22 with 106:

So now instead of 204>77, we have to multiply the right side by at least 5 since we now have a reference that shows definitively that VAERS is at least 5X under reported. 77*5 is 385. And 385 > 204. Which means that you are worse off taking the vaccine, which is exactly the opposite of what Dr. Offit claimed.

So there you have it.

Oh, I forgot… just one more thing…

The 2.3% in JAMA Cardiology study cited by NY Times is mostly subclinical myocarditis (28 of 37 cases) & most of those were only possible not probable subclinical myocarditis.

So if we compare apples to apples (clinical to clinical myocarditis which is what is going to be reported to VAERS), it’s really a lot more lopsided. Like 385 > 51.

And remember those incident rates from the CDC (from VAERS) were limited to just 7 days from injection. So we’re underestimating the vaccine caused myocarditis due to that narrow time window. If we broaden it to the 6 month period after vaccination, I’d bet we get a ratio that is over 10:1.

In other words, it’s not even a close call. The vaccines are WAAAAAAY more dangerous than COVID for this one symptom, by at least an order of magnitude.

So we’ve all been lied to by the medical community and nobody in the medical community caught the error.

Oh, I forgot… just one more thing…

Remember how they tell you it’s “mild” myocarditis? When I talk to my friend Dr. Peter McCullough, he says there is no such thing. And he says that we have no idea what the subsequent death rate will be.

Here’s another opinion:

With respect to mild, you really need to read this paper, Myocarditis after Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination. How can you call a patient with a troponin level that is 614X normal to be “mild.” That’s unheard of! Dr. McCullough knows that the troponin levels are elevated to extreme levels and they stay elevated sometimes for months. These vaccines make a heart attack look like a walk in the park in comparison.

So that’s what the mean by “mild”… it means damage that can be so extreme we have no idea what the long-term effects will be.

They don’t look behind the curtain!!!

When Pfizer does these trials, they never draw D-dimer and troponin. Nobody on the committees cares enough to ask for these two simple tests. I wonder why not?

Answer: they don’t think there are any serious adverse events, so why measure them?

The reality is that we know both are elevated after vaccination and this is very serious when this happens because the elevations are significant both in amount and duration.

For example, Charles Hoffe found elevated D-dimers in over 60% of his patients (Hoffe study) and we know this can be elevated for many months after vaccination.

Same is true for troponin. It can be elevated as high as 614 times normal (see Myocarditis after Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination), which is sky high, and the elevation of troponin levels can last for months. Note that after a heart attack, troponin levels elevate modestly and go back to baseline in a few days; with the vaccines we’re seeing >10X heart attack levels and >10X durations.

This is why they never measure it in the trials (and nobody asks for it): it will destroy the safety story.

If you don’t test for it, you can claim you just didn’t know. Plausible deniability.

They are also ignoring the seroprevalence data

It seems like almost everyone who has been tracking this knows that 42% of kids (5 to 11) have had COVID and recovered from it.

So vaccinating 28M kids to maybe save 14 lives is nuts. Completely nuts.

John Su is the root of this problem

Dr. John Su, CDC’s VAERS expert, is at the root of this. He claimed VAERS was fully reported. This has misled the committee with this inaccurate claim. This has left both the FDA and CDC outside committees with bogus cost-benefit analyses. By using a more realistic URF, we can clearly see that the data shows the exact opposite of what committee members claim. I wrote a big article about how John Su’s big mistake has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Had he correctly interpreted the VAERS data, none of those lives would have been lost. Even worse, because he has not acknowledged the error that is obvious to everyone, he must be doing it deliberately. Being inept I can forgive. But not acknowledging after you’ve been caught red handed misleading the outside committees seems to have only one possible explanation: he’s corrupt and thinks he can get away with it.

But it isn’t just John Su…

Even with a URF=1, we have 77>51, so the committee can’t put all the blame on Dr. Su. The risk benefit wasn’t there even with Su’s mistake in place. They have to accept the blame themselves for not doing the calculations.

What will Offit do? Will he come clean? Or pretend this doesn’t exist?

Will Dr. Offit acknowledge his error and take a hit to his reputation? Or will he claim I’m wrong.

The truth does eventually come out. He’s better off telling the truth now. Everyone can see the numbers. There is no place to hide.

What will the CDC do now? Acknowledge the truth about the URF and save lives? Or ignore this article and label it as “misinformation”?

Will the CDC claim that my article must be misinformation and use ad hominem attacks against me to preserve their reputation and ignoring the lives of thousands of innocent kids who will suffer from their mistake. I’d be willing to bet on the cover-up. Nobody’s going to admit they were wrong on something as big as this. That never happens. Even when the case is flat out obvious.

I pretty sure they will ignore this. That’s how they roll. If asked, they will just say, “We don’t agree with his analysis; he has no medical experience.” And they will let innocent kids die or be injured for life.

Remember it’s not just myocarditis than can harm your kids. The CDC hasn’t spotted any of the thousands of adverse events caused by the vaccines. These vaccines are a train wreck. The CDC isn’t ever going to disclose that. And Congress will never hold them accountable. But I will.

Please watch this video now of CASEY HODGINSON right now. The whole thing.

Have you ever seen anyone who had COVID have symptoms like these? There are tens of thousands of victims just like Casey. This is the experience that Dr. Paul Offit wants your kids to enjoy. For the rest of their lives. Because he refuses to confront the data in the VAERS system. As of November 1, there have been more side effects reported from these COVID vaccines than from all 70+ vaccines in the past 30 years COMBINED.

This is, without a doubt, the most dangerous vaccine in the last 50 years. And Dr. Offit, along with the CDC, FDA, mainstream media, and mainstream medical community, are all demanding that you to give it to your kids. They are wrong. They are all wrong. Please do not listen to them.

Source… https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/dr-paul-offit-is-lying-to-us-about

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