COVID-19 vaccines will kill people while making their underlying conditions appear to be the cause, prominent doctor warns

By Cassie B.

A prominent South African doctor who played a key role in developing early treatments for COVID-19 has said that the current vaccine campaigns have one purpose: to “control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned.”


This controversial claim was made by a family doctor in South Africa, Dr. Shankara Chetty, whose website says he has successfully treated 7,000 patients with COVID-19 without a single death or hospitalization. He is also the doctor behind the “8th Day Therapy for COVID-19” geared toward patients in the disease’s more dangerous inflammatory stage.

In a video recording, Dr. Chetty said that while we all know that there are inconsistencies and coercion going on right now, it is important to understand the reasons. For him, it all boils down to the spike protein.

“If I had to give you my opinion, as to what is happening on a global scale, [the] spike protein is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made,” he stated. “And the aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing it. So, it’s a poison with an agenda.”

In his opinion, global lockdowns led patients to get to hospitals later in the disease’s progression, and the protocols used were designed “to engineer death and damage [in order] to stir all the fear” in order to justify vaccinating the planet and exposing all of us to the spike protein for longer.

Too many varied deaths will make it hard to pin the blame on the vaccine

He paints a deeply disturbing picture of how the vaccine is going to kill people without ever making itself look like the obvious culprit. The vaccine’s spike protein will be distributed throughout the body via mRNA, he says, and made in different tissues throughout the body.

“Those tissues will be recognized as foreign and will trigger a host of autoimmune responses. So, the deaths that are meant to follow the vaccinations will never be able to be pinned on the poison! They will be too diverse, there will be too many, and they will be in too broad a timeframe for us to understand that we have been poisoned,” he said.

The vaccine’s ability to exacerbate pre-existing illnesses means that people’s deaths will instead be blamed on whatever underlying conditions they had, even if those conditions never would have killed them otherwise. This might be cancer flareups spurred by the vaccine that kill patients, whose deaths would then be blamed on the cancer rather than the vaccine. Likewise, diabetics who have strokes and people with hypertension who have heart attacks will have their illnesses attributed to those conditions rather than the vaccines.

While it may sound outlandish to some, he believes that understanding the “endgame” provides lots of clarity. Since the vaccines don’t make sense from a scientific standpoint, he believes this is a more likely explanation.

“But I think if people understand what the intention is, then they’ll understand why what’s happened has happened. The ill logic, the coercion, the suppression, is all warranted if you understand that there is a bigger plan. This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned,” he stated.

Other prominent doctors have taken a somewhat similar stance, including a former senior project manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), Geert Vanden Bossch, and highly published physician and COVID-19 expert, Dr. Peter McCullough.

Another expert, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon, said when posting Dr. Chetty’s video on Telegram: “The vaccine mandates are illogical & frightening, since most aren’t at great risk from the virus in the first place & the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission. So, they don’t provide a societal benefit, only a potential individual benefit,” he stated.

“We’d NEVER force people to do something which ONLY benefits them & even then, under unlikely circumstances. It’s nuts. Decline,” he added, referring to the dangerous vaccines.

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