An Urgent call to Action…

Urgent request for evidence to assist in criminal investigation

Police have given us a drop box for all of our evidence. We need the most plausible evidence to drop in there. This can include any medical reports you come across, general, but important news and Video links. These need to be relevant to the issue of the V causing death. Please avoid sending me anything that is not credible for the police to seriously consider. Please share this message and send all information to
speed is of the essence and we need to ‘have it all’ by no later than close of play 04.01.22. The earlier the better since the drop box for the evidence is now OPEN ! We have lots to add (it should be overwhelmingly enough), but we want to give this our best shot ! Any V injuries we need to include also, so please contact me about V injuries on
Please help, God bless.


Best Christmas presents EVER ? Police open criminal probe into U.K. vaccine rollout after medical dissenter’s legal challenge.

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