mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Creating Spike Proteins Forver By Permanently Altering Kids DNA Warns Doctor

A Canadian doctor who was expelled for administering ivermectin to patients suffering from COVID-19 warned that mRNA COVID vaccines can keep creating spike proteins forever by permanently altering kids DNA. Children are particularly prone to DNA alteration because they have higher levels of reverse transcriptase than adults, said Dr. Daniel Nagase.


mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Creating Spike Proteins Forver By Permanently Altering Kids DNA Warns Doctor

Dr. Daniel Nagase discusses the mechanisms behind the risks of mRNA shots when discussing the vaccine test data published by Pfizer, which indicates a 30% or more negative response rate towards the jabs “with no recovery,” including mortality which accounts for 3% of the vaccinated trial participants. However, in the process they “were directly attributable to Pfizer’s COVID-19 injections.”

On Will Dove’s show, Iron Will, Nagase said that the health officials should have been aware of the dangers of mRNA penetration into cells, which he believes have existed “since the 90s”, even before they become aware of the “unheard of” rate of 30 percent side effects.

Perhaps most worryingly, the mRNA inserted from the jabs can be converted to DNA through means of reverse transcriptase, and Nagase said this was especially dangerous for children.

“Cells that are undergoing change,” said Nagase, like children’s cells, “have higher levels of reverse transcriptase activity than adult cells that are basically static. This reverse transcriptase takes anything that’s mRNA, and it reverse transcribes it to DNA.”

“Once something has been transcribed to DNA, it can get integrated into the nucleus of the cell … so it can permanently change that cell’s DNA,” Nagase went on to explain.

“So this greater preponderance of reverse transcriptase within children would be the explanation for why we’re seeing a higher percentage of adverse reactions in them, is that correct?” Dove questioned.

“Absolutely,” Nagase affirmed

Previously, Nagase had highlighted data from the Pfizer study showing that of the 34 side effects reported in children (this was prior to the vaccine actually being approved for use on children), 24 had “serious” side effects and 10 had side effects that were branded to be “non-serious.”

Nagase also stated that it doesn’t matter what dose of the vaccine is given to children, as DNA can be modified by reverse transcriptase, and the DNA then programs cells to make spike protein.

“Once something is in the DNA, the only thing that will get rid of it is the death of that cell,” Nagase said.

As a response to Dove’s inquiry on if there was “any way that we could term this as anything other than a bioweapon,” Nagase replied, “It’s designed to cause permanent changes to the cell. To trick the cell into producing a non-human protein that has no benefit to that cell’s health. The spike protein itself is toxic. … and causes mutation by inhibiting DNA repair.”

“So if you are injecting something into people that causes their body to produce a mutagen, a toxin that prevents DNA repair, that is by definition causing harm to people. And injecting people with something that causes harm to them through a biologic mechanism: Well, that’s pretty much the definition of a bioweapon, right?”

Taking into account that nearly 300 young athletes “have dropped from the playing field,” among “70 percent” of whom passed away, Dove asked, “What’s going to happen now that they’re injecting this into five-year-olds?”

“I can describe it in no other way than child sacrifice. Dr. Hodgkinson over in Edmonton, he was the first to come out in public and say, this is actually child sacrifice. I have to agree with him 100 percent,” Nagase said.

“This never should have been considered for injection into children because the results from the adults has been so damning, so disastrous,” Nagase continued.

‘Cutting them up from the inside’

To elucidate on the constant occurrence of athletes “dropping” on the field addressed by Dove, Nagase theorized that when compared to non-athletes, the athletes might face more severe side effects.

He went on to state that this might be due to the spike protein created as a result of the vaccine jab acting as an “abrasive” in the body. The hearts of athletes are known to pump at a harder rate as a result of them exerting themselves more, which in turn exacerbates the effect of the spike protein that is abrasive in nature, which “can cause mechanical damage inside of blood vessels.”

Dangers to pregnant women

Nagase mentioned that Pfizer’s data showed an alarming increase in risk of adverse effects in pregnant women: 75 out of 274 women, or 27%.

“Any pregnant woman who received this injection after April 30th, 2021 should be suing their obstetrician for malpractice,” Nagase said.

When Dove found that the said data had an absence of anything about the effects on children, Nagase himself noted, “This is just the damage that they discovered in the first three months between December the 1st and February the 28th.

A pregnancy is nine full months. We don’t know how many of the other cases that were non-serious in the first two months might turn into serious events, miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, deformities.”

Cancer risks of mRNA vaccines

Nagase also found that the protein produced by mRNA injection disrupts the body’s natural anti-cancer mechanism of “detecting abnormal proteins in the circulation.”

If “your body is continuously producing an abnormal protein, it’s not going to be able to detect the abnormal proteins coming from a cancerous cell with the same accuracy and sensitivity that it would have if there weren’t abnormal spike proteins circulating all the time,” said Nagase.

There are two other ways that spike protein can play a role in cancer: one of which is that it is able to divert ribosomes which are required to produce the proteins so as to protect the cells from stress or toxins and then in turn uses these to create spike proteins, the other is that these “lead to mutations by preventing the normal processes a cell uses to repair any damage to the DNA,” stated Nagase while noting this was effectively demonstrated in October 13 study.

Nagase concludes that the risk of mRNA shots was “certainly premeditated.” In a previous mRNA test on animals who were infected with SARS-CoV-1, he said, “They made an mRNA vaccine. And guess what? All the animals that got the vaccine when they were exposed to SARS COVID one, they died! And the animals that didn’t get the vaccine, they survived.”

Dr. Mark Trozzi concurred while commenting on Nagase’s interview with Dove. “Pfizer knew what they were doing,” he said. “They skipped the animal trials and went straight to the entire human race. Politicians, bureaucrats, medical licensing bodies, all institutions and all individuals supporting this are guilty of genocide crimes.”


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