1. Aloha Phil:
    I suggest that None of “This” exists, at all. Solar Time / Sidereal Time, So what?
    There is No ‘World.’ Everything that happens remains another ‘event’ in the ‘dream,’ You are dreaming. To wake up from this ‘dream,’ I suggest you ‘forgive’ every event, situation, and /or person; because Nothing ever happened, and by forgiving it/them, you practice “advance forgiveness.” By forgiving them, you forgive yourself for having dreamed them in the first place.
    To awaken from this Dream of Death, practice total, uncompromising forgiveness of people/experiences, because ‘they’ haven’t done ‘anything,’ which is how You forgive yourself for having dreamed this up in the first place.
    The secret to salvation remains but this: You do this to yourself.
    The ‘world’ you see remains the ‘outer expression’ of an inward condition. *ACIM Ch 21.1.1
    The guiltless mind cannot suffer. The human body remains a ‘learning device,’ a ‘communication tool.’
    It remains This Life, Stupid! If ‘inner peace’ remains the ‘condition’ of the ‘Kingdom,’ then the mind must achieve inner peace to fit in. In order for your mind to achieve inner peace, you have to ‘forgive.’ **Your Immortal Reality, pg. 139
    Truth remains eternal, and cannot change or be changed.
    * A Course in Miracles
    ** Your Immortal Reality by Gary Renard

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