Why Flat Earth Matters

When the spinning ball-Earth is finally exposed worldwide for the 500 year deception it was, Earth’s entire population will suddenly be faced with the reality that every government, every space agency, university, secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative media outlet have all been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen, reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities, media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this multi-generational ball-Earth myth, suddenly and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth gets out, so does…

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  1. Philosophers-stone.info has an amazingly large amount of good and valuable in formation, but the flat earth material is not part of it. It is a detriment, and will be used to discredit the entire site. It is disheartening beyond words to see the flat earth videos on philosophers-stone. The ancient Greeks were right about the spherical shape of the Earth. Seasonality, day and night cycles, global circumnavigation, weather at the poles vs. the equator- none of this is explained by flat earth, but all of it makes sense with a spherical earth.

  2. Well there we have a dilemma because I say the exact opposite. If you search philosophers-stone and watch the videos in your own time when you can be bothered and then tell us what makes you think the earth is spherical ? what thinking have you done ? what is your source for your thinking ? Give it a go… https://philosophers-stone.info/?s=flat+earth You are of course completely free to make your own judgement and come to your own conclusion, maybe just check out the idea instead of dismissing it straight up. Everyone started off believing in a spherical earth through schools/ tv/ movies but then they saw the evidence that changed their minds. A “flat Earther” doesn’t go back to being a spherical earth believer, once they’ve seen enough they know the sphere idea doesn’t add up. Have Fun.

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