EXPOSE: The Role of the Unions in the Covid Panic

EXPOSE: The Role of the Unions in the Covid Panic Did you know that the first lockdown was set in motion the day after the largest teaching union threatened unilateral school closures? Or that, in the summer of 2020, a transport workers union threatened to strike unless the government mandated masks on trains? Or that the third lockdown happened the day after there was a colossal teaching mutiny with hundreds of thousands of teachers refusing to return to work in January 2021? Or that the reason why children have been masked in schools was because the teaching unions demanded it as a condition of re-opening? These are only just a handful of the known incidents of unions making demands or threats to the UK government which resulted in further restrictions or mandates. As we reflect back on the past 2 years, and the various factors that have influenced the course of the pandemic response within our “Calling out the game” series, in this episode we turn our attention to role of major trade unions such as the NEU, RMT, GMB, BMA, TUC) and others, in driving the policy responses in the UK including lockdowns, school closures and mandatory masks. To help us evaluate the role of the unions in driving the pandemic response, we are joined by author, philosopher and social commentator Ben Irvine. Ben has been investigating the role of the trade unions in driving the pandemic response in the UK and has written extensively about these issues. Through his detailed investigative work, he shows the sequence of events, letters and even meetings held, which pressured the UK Government to change the course of the response to the pandemic in the UK. You can read Ben’s analysis in full here: http://whistleblowerphilosopher.blogs… Tune in LIVE at 20.00 UK time for a revealing conversation about the critical events that led to all three lockdowns and how unions continue to impact the course of the pandemic response.

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