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  1. (1) I just read the PDF. NOWHERE does it mention this guy’s quote.
    (2) On p.18 the court rules that Myriad’s claim for patent on modified DNA is REJECTED
    (3) No mention in whole 22 pages of vaccines
    (4) It’s a war… of fake news

  2. Is anyone else having trouble finding this in the document here? I want to find it to share with others but read the whole thing and don’t see it.

  3. Is this a clue ? Page 2

    Held: A naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated, but cDNA is patent eligible because it is not naturally occurring. Pp. 10–18

  4. I don’t think this guy read the same thing I just read – no mention of what he’s going on about at all??

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  6. Go to pg 4. Justice Thomas states that cDNA is patentable since it is not naturally occurring

  7. At the end of the paper we find the following:

    “Nor do we consider the patentability of DNA in which ‘the order of the naturally occurring nucleotides has been
    altered’. ”

    However it then includes the caveat:
    “Scientific alteration of the genetic code presents a different inquiry, and we express no opinion about the
    application of §101 to such endeavors.”

    Thus whilst Myriads patent was rejected, it was done so on the basis that nothing new was added or created. Simply rearranging the nucleotides of human DNA WITHOUT adding anything new is not patentable, but if something new was added, via the mRNA methods mentioned that can be used to create cDNA, they ‘express no opinion’…..so potentially that could mean patentability applies.

    “We merely hold
    that genes and the information they encode are not patent eligible under §101 simply because they have been isolated from the surrounding genetic material.”

    Question: are there any studies that have created cDNA inter vivos via the application of mRNA technology?

  8. The fact that a patent was given when a “new” bacterium was formed by adding 2 plasmids not naturally found in the bacteria is the hint that the idea of a patent could be possible if it can be shown that the mRNA vaccine creates a new entity by altering an individual’s DNA which is used to identify that individual.

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