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There is not and never has been a pandemic disease caused by a coronavirus called SARSCoV-2; moreover, its existence and, therefore, its supposed “variants” have never been
proven. And the worst thing is that even if such a coronavirus did exist, all the political and
health measures taken over the last two years – masks, confinements, social distance,
“Covid passport”, drugs and vaccines – have been – and remain – totally meaningless. It is
simply a gigantic set-up that has been years in the making, has been believed by the vast
majority of society and is part of the attempt to impose a New World Order. Covid-19 was
just the “key” to set in motion the Great Reboot or Great Reset that wants to do away with
democratic systems and force people to accept what they call the “new normal”. We
explain it in an article dedicated to it in this same issue of the magazine, which was, by the
way, the first publication in the world to denounce the farce in a global way, documenting it
rigorously and extensively. So let’s see a brief schematic summary of what we have
published, remembering that anyone wishing to read all the information – a hundred or so
reports and numerous news items – should subscribe to our website – –
as from 1 January 2022 all its content will be accessible only to subscribers. It remains to
add that this brief summary basically corresponds to the news and reports written -among
others- by our colleagues Antonio Muro, Jesús García Blanca and the undersigned, so
some of the paragraphs are quoted verbatim.


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