Clif High | FUBAR Capital Conundrum, or Don’t make the Chinese kids nervous..

Clif High

Trudeau acted on some bad advice about his problem with some trucks, and the people that he thought he owned.

This bad advice led silly Justin to target even small amounts of money in Canadian banks of the truckers who are giving him shit for being a real dickhead.

It’s not Justin who is the problem, nor the truckers. It is the Chinese kids who put all their money into Canadian banks.

You see, Chinese kids don’t trust their own government to not steal from them via bank appropriation of funds. They used to put their money into near by locations, such as Singapore, Australia, or to a lesser extent, New Zealand. Problems arose there as we all know. Thus over these last several years, there has been a gradual, increasing, and steady, capital flow from China, via several routes, to Canadian banks.

All was good. Then silly Justin did EXACTLY as the Chinese government so frequently does, he declared ‘seizure’ on private funds. Ironically, this is the one thing the Chinese kids thought could never happen in Peaceful, Law Abiding, Canada.

This seizure of private funds, even the speaking of it, has made the Chinese kids nervous. Not just them. Large capital funds managers are sitting there looking at the screen saying ‘hmmmmm…..’ in a not good way.

So now Capital must move from Canada.

But to where?

The traditional, albeit temporary, havens of Ukraine, and other money laundering hubs are very tightly closed due to the general breakdown of the World Economic Forum ‘Great Reset’ plan.

Now what?

The Capital Conundrum, in our present, unsettled world, is where to go?

The consensus will emerge over this next month, as larger chunks of the financial system fall off, to move to cryptos. There are signs that the Chinese kids have already started, even though their government forbids it.

When the whole system of systems is FUBAR, governments are merely yet another business risk.

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