Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised #11

Clif High

February 20, 2022

As Forecast!

The Comintern, in its modern guise of the World Economic Forum, is being exposed.

Once Joe Rogan speaks it, the subject is in the public consciousness.

WEF is the enemy of the people!


This is not the only discussion of the WEF as globalist infiltrating modern Comintern. Recent sessions of Canadian Parliament have had unanswered, open floor questions to the Trudeau government about the extent, and nature of the WEF infiltration known to exist there.

Such questions will naturally arise for the Inslee Regime, as this state of infiltration by the WEF is known to exist in Washington, as well as other states.

  1. Not only are all politicians now being watched, video recorded when out in public places, their backgrounds are also the targets of legions of researchers. Many groups on Telegram and other social media are dedicated to tracing the contacts and associations of politicians, leaders of NGOs, such as the current Dr. Evil, aka Klaus Schwab, and media. These dossiers will be emerging over this Spring and Summer as the results of OSINT cooperative ventures mature.
  2. As the WEF has been identified as an Enemy of the People, associations with WEF in any form should be expected to negatively affect political futures.
  3. As had been forecast, the media cover for political deeds and personalities has fallen away. Your behavior is now nakedly exposed.
  4. The exposure of the WEF is interlinked with the failure of the covid narrative. Both are dying and taking climate change along with them. The WEF has/is/will kill many of the ideologically driven media narratives as its disgusting reputation spreads further into the population. Legislator, Be Advised!
  5. Events will accelerate over these next two months dramatically, especially in the area of the failure of the financial system, upon which so much of your work depends.  Legislator, Be Advised! If you have been associated with the WEF, your ass is hanging out in the wind!


Again, to repeat:

During a time of War, all actions taken by Officials will be viewed and judged against the larger background of the Conflict. Legislators and other officials, in all capacities, including supporting personnel, would be well advised to obtain, and read, the DOD Law of War Manual.

To download a PDF copy of the DOD LAW of War Manual:


Here is a link to encapsulated description of Devolution that may assist your thinking for the Immediate, and Long term future. We are at War. Every action and decision and Vote will have significant and serious consequences.

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