A funny thing happened on the way to WW3… Casually cruel will do..

clif high
Feb 22

It doesn’t have to be more than casually cruel, the ridicule that is demanded of you now, but you must do it.

We have come to the time where the remaining sleeping normies need a not so gentle nudge to come out of it.

Time and events move humanity at a seeming increasing rate toward our common humanity destiny of confrontation & contention with the ‘power elites’. The normies will miss it all if they stay asleep. It will be better for them, and all of us, if they witness it, rather than us have to clue them in afterwards.

“What?” says normie friend, “when the fuck did this happen? What do you mean they are all in jail waiting for trials? What’s this about Space Aliens? What is going on here?!?”

It would just be too awkward. They won’t believe you, not at first, and you will have to go find videos of it happening to take them through it such that they can grasp the changes in their life. Their minds will rebel. “WHAT do you mean there’s no Democrat party any more? WTF?”

A terrible burden will be placed on you, trying to back fill the trenches in their knowledge if they shake off their slumber too slowly, missing the drama, the action of the Great War for Humanity. It will be all so tedious for you; better to prod their sleeping egos now. They need the push. If Turdo in Canada, or all the other shit has not gotten their attention, they are deeply under the spell.

They will need an emotional slap across the face. No need to be brutal, just casually cruel will do…

“Dude?!? Seriously? You actually believe that?”

“Listen cousin, if I want to be lied at, I’ll watch CNN!”

“Man, that shit you’re spouting is just WAY too normie for me!”

“Yo! A funny thing happened to the rest of us on the way to WW3! We got wise to their shit!”

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