Once Again.
Yet one more time.

clif high

Once again, we are here.

We see, yet again, the Whores of Babylon,

bashing their hooves on the marble floors of Power,

snorting out the Dance of the War Pigs.

Once again, the People see the Evil of the Banksters.

The Rape of Innocence,

the Destruction of Pride,

the Crushing of Hope,

the Corruption of Culture,

all these are Seen now oozing from the Bank.

Once again, the People feel the Lash.


Gleefully chanted,

Whores continually urging,

Life, Liberty, recanted.

The Vision of their Cult Empire emerging.

Once again, Flesh bleeding,

the People rise to throw off the Burden.

Once again, Pain prompting,

the People wake.

Once again, the Battle is uptaken.

Once again, the Bank, the Enemy, is defeated.

Once again, the People Rebuild, and Rejoice.

Once again, We Pray, Let This Cycle Finish It.

Once again.

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